grill master

All Fired Up

by Courtney on November 7, 2011


I love it when Jay grills. Honestly, I think I’m going to tell him not to bother storing the grill for the winter and I’m just going to continue to make him brave the cold to grill amazing dinners for us. That’s fair of me to ask, right? Well luckily for me, it hasn’t yet […]


I Am In Big Trouble

by Courtney on September 26, 2011


This afternoon after I got out of work, I headed to the grocery store to pick up some necessities for tonight’s dinner. When I asked Jay this morning if he was craving anything in particular for tonight, I got a response of “chicken.” Hmmph. But hey, I guess it’s better than the usual, “Oh, I […]


Grill Master + Mind Reader

by Courtney on September 15, 2011


I’m seriously pondering the idea of whether or not Jay is an actual mind reader. Or maybe we just have some weird, married couple’s ESP thing going on. Either way, here’s why. This afternoon, after posting the Pumpkin Black Bean Soup recipe, a few of you mentioned the idea of pumpkin beer. I saw this […]


The Red Meat Rule

by Courtney on July 20, 2011


When it comes to me taking photographs of my food at dinner, I’d have to say that Jay’s reaction (at this point) is usually about 80% used to it, but 100% impatient about it. I’ve told him from the beginning that he doesn’t have to wait for me to start eating, but if he does […]


No Pudge Here!

by Courtney on September 15, 2010


My hubby really is a Grill Master…he never ceases to impress me with his skillzzz. This morning before leaving for work, I took some Italian marinated chicken out from the freezer to have ready for dinner tonight. Can I just say…as much as I hate washing and prepping large packs of chicken, it really is […]