Weekly Meal Plan {9/20}


Well hellooooo and happy Sunday to you! Are you having a fabulous weekend?? Things over here have been BUSY. We spent a good majority of yesterday working outside, and when we weren’t working outside, it was inside. Ohhh, how there are ALWAYS projects to be done! Anywho…we’re hoping for a little relaxation time today and…

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Weekend Funk & Fun in the Snow


Happy Mondayyyyy, my friends! I’m sure it’s going to be a quick/fun/exciting/hectic/ exhausting week for many of us, so here’s to gearing up to face it all head on. I’ve got just two work days on the agenda this week, then I’m off on a little mini Christmas vacay, which I am so looking forward…

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Why Did I Wait So Long?


Seriously? Why did I wait so long to try out this amazingly delicious combination that is a fried egg + smashed avocado? I cooked this little gem up yesterday afternoon for my lunch and wow. Just…wow. I added a little salt, pepper, and garlic powder to my smashed avocado, fried up the egg, and served…

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All It Took Was One Time


Apparently, all it took was the one time for Lucas to feel comfortable peeing on his mama… Because he was at it again last night (the white is a random paint stain). *edited to add…and again this morning. We had Lucas’s newborn photos done at the house and let me first just say that newborn…

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Are My Plants Done?


A little yoga to kick start my Tuesday morning? Don’t mind if I do! I’m starting to get a little bored with the yoga DVD’s that I already own, so I decided to flip on the Sportskool Exercise channel and see if they had anything to offer. Much to my surprise, they actually had about…

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Meals and Laughs on Mother’s Day

me, dan, and mom

Today has been such a nice day! Mom and her two kiddos I just love being able to spend time with family… and have plenty of good laughs with mom. Too funny. 😉 Earlier today, Jay and I headed over to my in-laws’ house for a delicious, al fresco lunch. We’re experiencing another beautiful day…

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An Easter Recap


Good morning! How’s everyone doing after the nice holiday weekend? Did anyone else wake up this morning with a bit of an Easter candy coma…? Actually, I’m pretty sure that mine is more of a sugar coma in general, thanks to some delicious desserts yesterday…but first let’s get you caught up on the rest of…

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Switch It Up


Alright…who watched The Bachelor last night? Anyone? Don’t worry – I won’t mention any details, since I know that some of you guys like to DVR things, but I will just say this…those two are totally meant for each other. Okay, moving on! Last Night’s Dinner With the gorgeous weather we’ve been having the past…

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Grill Master + Mind Reader


I’m seriously pondering the idea of whether or not Jay is an actual mind reader. Or maybe we just have some weird, married couple’s ESP thing going on. Either way, here’s why. This afternoon, after posting the Pumpkin Black Bean Soup recipe, a few of you mentioned the idea of pumpkin beer. I saw this…

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I’ll Always Be Proud To Call Him Dad

Happy Father’s Day, Dad! Today, I had the pleasure of spending a good portion of my afternoon with the “Big Guy.” Since it was such a beautiful day, we spent a good amount of time outdoors either by the pool or playing ladder ball. Jay was my partner, and umm…let’s just say I may be…

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