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My Evening Was Complete

by Courtney on June 19, 2012

So if you follow me on Instagram (@sweettoothcourt) then you probably already have an idea of how my evening has been. My internet had been out for a few hours, we’re back in business now, but I have an early, 4:00am wake up call tomorrow morning, so I’m gonna go ahead and keep this short […]


Homemade Hawaiian Pizza

by Courtney on December 13, 2011


Hey hey! So I realized today that I still have yet to show you the new red hair-do from Saturday, so here’s a little peek! Please forgive the dumb half smile and squinty eyes. I may in fact have a set of the most sensitive eyeballs on the planet, and that sun was not being […]


Sarah and Jeff’s Rehearsal Dinner

by Courtney on September 3, 2011


Last night, Jay and I had the pleasure of attending Sarah and Jeff’s rehearsal dinner. Even though we aren’t a part of the wedding party, Sarah and Jeff very generously invited a group of their closest friends to attend and enjoy the evening with the rest of the family. Lucky for us, most of their […]


Mini Accomplishments

by Courtney on November 22, 2010


Sooooo…guess who got their own Facebook page over the weekend??? That’s right, Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life did! Make sure you go check it out by clicking here! I know we’d love it if ya “Liked” us. Workout As per my usual Monday morning motivation, I got out of bed with fairly little effort (surprising?!?) to […]


Dear Pumpkin…

by Courtney on September 3, 2010


Oh Dear Pumpkin, I know you’ve been sitting so patiently in that lazy susan, just waiting for a little attention. Don’t you worry. Even though it’s been a while since we last met, it doesn’t mean that I have thought of you any less. But now, after long months of waiting, it is now time […]