Ready and Waiting

Happy Halloween!

We are now ready and waiting for any trick-or-treaters who most likely will not may come our way. Unfortunately, I don’t think the weather is supposed to be all the great today, so I guess we’ll see how all that goes.


Either way, I am stocked up on two of my favorites: 100 Grand and Twix bars. I realize that I could have easily gotten away with just getting one bag; but while I was out, I was faced with about 10 different kinds and got totally overwhelmed. I wanted them ALL. Luckily, Jay will be able to take any excess in to work with him so it’s no big deal.

Orrrrrr, we’ll just keep them here and take care of them all ourselves? Winking smile

Last Night’s Dinner

We had some good stuff happenin’ over here for dinner last night!


Jay cooked up a few chicken breasts and I prepared myself a piece of salmon that I bought earlier this week. It was really super simple – I brushed it with a little olive oil, sprinkled it with Old Bay Seasoning and dill weed, put a few lemon slices on top, and baked it in the oven (350 degrees) for about 20 minutes. It was delicious.


I also managed to convince Jay to cook up some oven roasted potatoes. Yes, I could have done it, but he makes them sooooo much better than I do.


No idea what he does to make them, but I’ll let him keep that secret for himself because as soon as I know it, that means he has no reason to make them anymore. Mwahaha.

Later in the evening, while watching The Voice (gosh, I love that show!) I treated myself to a mug of hot chocolate and two pieces of Halloween candy.


I mean, the stuff is sitting right in front of my face…I’m not going to not eat it. Chocolaty and delicious.



I am so, so happy…my bread turned out great! And really, I’m always game for a little chocolate at breakfast.


Be on the lookout for the recipe this afternoon, once I get it all typed out.

As much as I could have easily made a breakfast of just the bread, I knew I needed a little more than chocolate and peanut butter. So I also cooked up a couple of scrambled eggs with sautéed spinach and feta.


And ketchup. YUM.


And with that, I’m off! Catch ya soon with a recipeeeee. Winking smile

Back in the Saddle

After taking just about three days off from any sort of working out, it felt great to jump back in the saddle today. Gosh, it really is crazy how things can change, isn’t it? I love the fact that I wasn’t going nuts over not getting any workouts in. In fact, I actually enjoyed those few days…thoroughly! Not only is it good for the body, but it does wonders for the mind, too.

I started things off with some walking intervals – nothing crazy. I just switched up my speeds and/or inclines about every 5 minutes or so to make for a great, 40 minute workout. After that, I followed things up with 20 minutes of yoga and called it a day. Like I said, nothing crazy, but it felt gooooood.

By the time I had finished everything, I was feeling pretty hungry so I put together a quick snack.


Cottage cheese + fresh pineapple + strawberries. Seriously, fresh fruit with cottage cheese is just so good. So light and refreshing!

A couple of hours later, I ended up reheating some more leftovers for lunch.


I finished up the last of our easy crockpot chicken leftovers and had that along with some baby carrots that I steamed in the microwave with some garlic oil, salt, and pepper.


Not the most exciting or colorful of meals, but it really did hit the spot.

After lunch, I spent some time working on a few client training plans while I let a little something cook up in the oven.


I always get so excited when my breads actually cook up with the crack down the center, rather than just sink through the middle. Now let’s just hope it stayed that way, since I haven’t been out to check on it in about a half hour…which also means it’s about time for me to go grab a slice.

Or two.

And if it turns out well enough to share, you most definitely know that I will, ASAP.

But for now, I have to go make an emergency trip out for Halloween candy. I had told myself I wasn’t going to buy any, since we haven’t had trick-or-treaters in about 3 years, but wouldn’t it be just my luck if I decide not to have any and kiddos do show up. I’d feel terrible!

I mean, it can’t hurt to have a little chocolate in the house…plus, I really don’t want to be known as the house that gives out granola bars or raisins. They were always the worst, right?

Fat On Purpose

This morning definitely started out a lot smoother than yesterday – thank goodness – with only one minor glitch.

Before going to bed last night, I did a quick skim through of Exercise on Demand to get an idea of what I might want to do for a workout today. Since I didn’t incorporate an upper body workout yesterday, I knew that I wanted to get some weights involved, so I decided on the Rock Hard Total Body video (<—it’s always a killer).

Well wouldn’t you know, when I went to turn it on this morning, it was gone, which is exactly what I was afraid of (on Demand tends to rotate their videos from month to month). So I nixed that idea and ended up with:

Not too shabby for a last minute switch up!


I was going back and forth for about 5 minutes this morning, trying to decide how I wanted my eggs + English muffin…egg and cheese sandwich or eggs with a PB&J muffin on the side. In an effort to try to avoid another week long breakfast streak, I decided to switch it up and went with the egg & cheese sandwich.


I used a plain ‘ol English muffin, two scrambled Egg Beaters, a slice of provolone cheese, and some raspberry jam.


The eggs ended up being a little bit much to all fit on the sandwich, so some got eaten on the side. Still just as good.


I was also planning on eating a banana with breakfast but I’m pretty full right now so I’ll just wait until my hunger inevitably strikes mid-morning and have it then.


We’re back to regular coffee this morning too, and I must say that I am welcoming the change. I definitely need variety with my morning brew!


Did you guys notice the Skittles back there? Well, it turns out that the one set of trick-or-treaters that I told you about last night was the only one to come and visit us.


So now Jay and I have all of those to work our way through, which we did manage to put a small dent in last night. Winking smile


Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit

Before I leave you all this morning, I just had to mention something about this story. I first heard about it maybe two weeks ago, and have been meaning ever since to bring it up. Have you heard about this yet?

Drew Manning, a personal trainer, has decided that he wants to see and feel firsthand what it is like to be overweight so he can get a better understanding of how some of his clients feel and the struggles that they deal with. All of his progress thusfar has been documented on his website, Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit.

He recently spent 6 months packing on the pounds; he cut out exercise entirely and has had an unrestricted diet. He mentioned how even the littlest of activity, such as climbing stairs, became a challenge. He now craves junk food more than ever and is totally addicted to soda, which is something he never drank before. In the first month alone, he gained over 20 pounds, and now at the end of six months, he has gained almost 75 pounds.


Now that he has put on the weight, he is planning on using the next 6 months to get back in shape as a teaching strategy for others. He will be documenting his progress and blogging about it so that others can follow his specific meal plans and workout routines.

Drew says,

My goal is to inspire people to get fit, teach them how to do it and give them hope that it IS possible to get fit and stay fit. I want to share my comprehensive fitness knowledge with my followers so that they can know how to lose weight successfully, even though for many it’s going to be a struggle.

I find this story pretty interesting and even though I know it’s mostly a big publicity stunt, I can definitely foresee myself checking in to see his progress. My guess is that since he has already been such a workout fanatic, it won’t be as difficult for him to get back in shape; but I’ll still be curious to see the struggles that he faces.

Personally, I don’t think I would ever put myself in this position; not only is it placing extra stress on his body, but I also just wouldn’t want to purposely make myself fat and take on that challenge for fear of not being able to be successful.

So let’s open it up to discussion – what do you guys think of this challenge and transformation? Is it smart? Would you ever do it?