Ham & Pineapple Brown Rice Bowls


Hey guys! Before I get into anything else, I first have to comment on a couple of things… First, I’m so glad you guys are liking the new circuit workout. If you think about it, that bad boy can give you quite a few different workouts! Second, I think it’s absolutely hilarious that so many…

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Resisting Temptation


Okay, I deserve an A+ for resisting temptation today! At school, I have a special homework incentive program that I do with my students, which allows them to work towards a fun reward at the end of each marking period. Well today, I had to go on my lunch break to pick up their rewards……

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White Chicken Chili Surprise

Healthified Corn Bread

Healthified Corn Bread! (see recipe below) Tonight’s dinner was quite the little surprise: unbelievably easy to do and super delish to boot! I bought a big pack of chicken over the weekend that needed to be divided up and frozen, so I left out two small breasts to incorporate into tonight’s meal. On a whim,…

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