Satisfying Second Choice

Happy Wednesday! How’s everyone doing this morning?

Last Night’s Dinner

So because I shared my Ode to Buckwheat Bowls with you all last night, I never got a chance to share last night’s dinner. It wasn’t anything fancy, but ohmygosh it was so good.

The first part of dinner was crab salad: I used up the rest of the package of faux crab meat from Monday and put together a simple crab salad on top of some romaine and tomatoes.


To make the crab salad, all I used was a big spoonful of plain Greek yogurt, ~1 tsp light mayo, salt, pepper, and dill weed. Honestly, it was the dill weed that made this salad awesome. I need to use that spice more often.

On the side I had the rest of the crab salad (because my other pile was getting to large) and a cheese quesadilla which I heated up in the toaster oven just until the cheese got melty.


Mmmmm. Smile


Simple and delicious…and probably done and ready in about 15 minutes.



You’d think that after all the talk on buckwheat bowls last night that I’d be craving it this morning. Well, I was…at lot. But sadly, I’m all out and am currently waiting for my iHerb order to come in. (Hopefully SOON!)

Luckily, this morning’s second choice was just as satisfying.


More fresh peaches sprinkled with cinnamon – loooove them.


And a lightly toasted Thomas’ Health-Full 10 Grain English Muffin (<—with 6g of fiber & 6g of protein) topped with some Raisin’ the Roof peanut butter and more cinnamon-sprinkled peach slices.


Coffee was also consumed, which is a given, and I should probably just stop taking the time to remind you all. Winking smile



Once breakfast settles, it’ll be workout time…but I really have no idea what I feel like doing today. I’m taking BodyPump tomorrow morning, so I don’t want to do much strength training. Any ideas for me??

Questions for the Morning:


  • For a whole month, do only cardio workouts –OR- only strength training workouts?
  • For a full year, not be able to taste anything –OR- not be able to hear anything?
  • Do the cooking –OR- do the cleaning?