Frozen Orange Creamsicle Snacks

Talk about a major bummer. That massage I was so pumped for this morning? Yeah…well I completely had my dates wrong. As it turns out, the appointment is set for next Friday, not this Friday. Can I tell you how much of an airhead I felt like walking out of there. Good grief.

BUT, not all was lost on my scatterbrain…I used the extra time as an opportunity to get in another yoga session! A lovely 40 minutes with the dear Chris Freytag and her 10lb. Slimdown Xtreme Yoga, and I am feelin’ better already!

Now, I think it’s time to go find myself something for lunch, but since I’m still undecided, I wanted to share a little snack that I’ve been enjoying this past week…

A few weeks ago, I was reading my pal Lindsay’s blog and came across a post of hers for Chocolate Dipped Frozen Yogurt Bites. As I read along and continued to drool over these delicious, frozen snacks that were staring me back in the face, I realized that this was absolutely genius.

Two of my favorite things – Chobani and granola – paired into one frozen treat? Incredible.

So last week, I got to work on making my own special Orange Creamsicle frozen yogurt bites. Mmmm hmmm.

nuts about granola (2)

Thanks to the lovely Lauren, I recently got hooked me up with a bag of Nuts About Granola in a flavor I had never even imagined…orange creamsicle.

nuts about granola (3)

I’d been snacking on this stuff for a few days, and I can honestly tell you that the stuff really does taste like orange creamsicle. It’s unreal. And insanely delicious.

So then I thought about Lindsay’s frozen yogurt bites…and then I realized I had a couple containers of Chobani blood orange in my fridge.

nuts about granola (4)

And from there, I got to work.

Two containers Chobani blood orange + 1 cup Orange Creamsicle granola.

nuts about granola (6)

Two mini-muffin pans (since I didn’t have ice cube trays).

nuts about granola (5)

Portioned out, frozen…

nuts about granola (7)

…and voila! A delicious, healthy, sweet, frozen snack that’s perfect for anytime of day.

nuts about granola (1)

I’ve been snacking on these little guys throughout the week, and they’ve been perfect with all this heat we’ve been having.


I thought about dipping them into some chocolate like Lindsay did, but ultimately decided to keep ‘em naked. Either way, they’re delicious, Lindsay is a genius, Lauren is awesome for sending me this granola, and I am a happy camper eating some tasty frozen treats. Smile