Burgundy Beef Stew + A Bread Failure

Today was one of the first days in a long time that my home actually didn’t smell like drywall and paint. How did I get so lucky, you ask?

Well, it’s because the retched smells of construction were completely overcome with the succulent, delicious aromas of Burgundy Beef Stew and fresh baked dill bread.


YES! Thanks to that wonderful contraption known as a slow cooker, plus my new bread maker, I was able to create a complete meal for Jay and I. I was almost giddy with excitement!

I certainly had my work cut out for me though…this was not going to be an easy feat…

Check out my fancy “work station”


Not the easiest preparation, but hey, you do whatcha gotta do! ;)

First, I got all my ingredients ready to go,


…and just started tossing everything into the slow cooker. Neatly, of course. ;)



Once I had all my meat, veggies, and spices ready to go, it was time to add the liquid. I decided to go with some Pinot Noir that I had on hand, which was actually “supposed” to be consumed on Christmas Eve…


It was part of a basket of wines that I received last year at my bridal shower, which also included bottles for a few other occasions too…one of which is coming up in less than a week! :shock:

So once the stew was prepped and cooking, I got to work on the bread. Hellooo fancy bread machine!



I had a hard time deciding, but eventually ended up choosing an Herbed Dill French Bread. It smelled amazing all day long!

Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out looking too amazing…


Fail. :oops:


It took quite a bit of muscle just to get the loaf out of the pan. Apparently, I should spray the pan beforehand???


Cody ended up taking advantage of a few pieces that fell went flying on the floor. Who knew cats like overly crusty bread? ;)


Looks like I have to work on my bread making skills!


Any tips?? :roll:


Luckily, my stew was definitely not a failure. :-D


The flavor was incredible. Savory, with a subtle hint of the pinot plus the thyme.


Yeah, I’ll say it…I definitely impressed myself! :)


Along with our stew, Jay and I shared a glass of the Pinot Noir. Typically, we are not red wine drinkers, but I figured that since I cooked with it, it’d probably pair pretty well. It definitely did!


And better yet, we were even able to salvage some bread!


Now it’s time to go pack up all the leftover stew, take care of some dishwashing in the tub (ooooof), and finish up the rest of Christmas clean-up.


Until next year, Christmas Tree! :)

Question for the Evening:

Have you ever made bread in a bread machine? Any tips for me?? :)