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I Will Be For Champagne

by Courtney on October 19, 2012


So that dinner I mentioned to you all yesterday afternoon? Amazing. I used this recipe from Skinnytaste as a guide, but wound up making a few changes (you can see them below in red): 12 oz uncooked pasta such as ziti 28 oz crushed tomatoes (I used a small, 14.5 oz can) ~3/4 cup jarred […]


Just Informed

by Courtney on May 27, 2012


I love pretty flowers. Jay and I happened to notice these yesterday as we were out working by the pool and I just love them. I have no idea what they are, but I’m sort of confused because I could have sworn that this same exact plant was blooming orange flowers last year? Who knows. […]


Baked Pumpkin Oatmeal Pancakes

by Courtney on March 25, 2012


Ohhh, what a glorious Sunday. I finally got a chance to catch up on some sleep (a good, solid, 9 hours) and wake up without an alarm. That was exactly what I needed! I spent a little bit of time taking advantage of my lazy morning before putting together some breakfast. I’d actually been in […]


WIAW: Gimme Chocolate

by Courtney on March 7, 2012

Good morning, and happy Wednesday! Welcome to another addition of the always fun What I Ate Wednesday! As it usually the case, today’s WIAW post showcases all of my eats from Tuesday (yesterday). Even though it was my late night at work, I was able to switch things up a bit from the usual unconventional […]


WIAW–Eating All Day Long

by Courtney on February 15, 2012

Okay, I think I’m officially on board the WIAW bandwagon! I really enjoyed participating last week and seeing so many other WIAW’s, so I just had to do it again. This month, the focus of WIAW is actually on adding more veggies and/or fruits to your daily meals… Let’s see how I did, shall we? […]


Frozen and Flavorful

by Courtney on February 13, 2012


Good morning! Welcome back to Monday, everyone. Hope you all had a great weekend. Of course, in case you’re just catching up, here’s a little of what ya missed: A New Workout Partner A New Role At Work (<—excited!) Peanut Butter & Banana French Toast Oatmeal By the time me and the man got home […]


Peanut Butter & Banana French Toast Oatmeal

by Courtney on February 11, 2012


Well, it’s been a pretty quiet morning around here this morning. Just me and the Codester hanging out, flaying some fetch. He’s been even more inclined to want to play fetch the past two days since we just recently replaced his fetch toy. Good thing we’ve got quite a stockpile of ‘em. I have another […]


No Stuffed Peppers

by Courtney on February 8, 2012


Okay, so all day long I had been craving stuffed peppers. It started last night after I wound up buying a package of ground turkey at the grocery store. Actually, that’s a lie. It really started after my mom cooked up her amazing stuffed peppers a couple weeks ago, but I just haven’t had the […]


Sunday Mornings Are Perfect For…

by Courtney on February 5, 2012


I think I’ve decided that Sunday mornings are absolutely perfect for pancakes. The only thing about regular pancakes is that they just don’t always stay with me very long. For example, last Sunday’s birthday pancakes were delicious, but I was hungry within about two hours of eating them. So to avoid that situation again, I […]


Give Me Some Ideas

by Courtney on February 4, 2012


Last night was definitely exactly what I needed…I’m feeling so much better today! Still got the whole sinus pressure thing goin’ on, but I’ll take it. As soon as I got home from work last night, I changed into my PJ’s, and poured myself a beer. I know…that sounds like a super odd craving for […]