Good For a Monday


Yesterday was a good day, for being a Monday and all. I mean, nobody really ever looks forward to a Monday, do they? It all started off with a great PiYo workout first thing in the morning, followed by a trip to Starbucks on my ride into work. They accidentally turned my grande blond roast…

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Lots Happening on Saturday


It is currently 4:30pm as I sit down to type this and I still have yet to get myself into the shower today. A sign of laziness? Nope…not today! In fact, we’ve been pretty busy around these parts. The main project happening in the Horan household on this lovely December 1st is replacing all of…

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House Projects on Black Friday


Good moooooorning! How was everyone’s Black Friday? Did you shop ‘til you dropped, or avoid the crowds completely? Besides a quick trip into Walmart on Thanksgiving night to buy shampoo for a rug cleaner (which was quite amusing to see everyone crowding around the various spots in the store before the deals were done and…

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