Lots Happening on Saturday

It is currently 4:30pm as I sit down to type this and I still have yet to get myself into the shower today. A sign of laziness?

Nope…not today! In fact, we’ve been pretty busy around these parts.

The main project happening in the Horan household on this lovely December 1st is replacing all of the doors in our hallway. We’ve currently got 3 completed, a fourth on its way, and the fifth one will probably happen tomorrow. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…thank goodness I have a handy hubby.


Since there wasn’t a whole lot that I could do with the doors, I took care of a few other things around the house, including laundry AND…wrapping my first Christmas presents.


I still can’t believe it. December 1st and I actually have presents in my possession AND wrapped. It’s crazy.


When it comes to meals on the weekends, I usually end up grazing all the way from breakfast to dinner, but today involved an actual sit-down meal.


I finally finished up the last of my turkey and veggie soup (with a few mini saltines thrown in there) and had a toasted whole wheat English muffin on the side with some Smart Balance butter and canola spread.


Shortly before sitting down for lunch, I actually completed my first day of reps for the 2012 Closeout Workout Challenge:

2 sets of the following:

  • 15 squats
  • 15 pushups
  • 20 lunges (10/leg)
  • 15 chair dips
  • 15 plié squats

160 reps total for today…1852 reps to go. Winking smile

Once the main hallway doors were done today, we got to work on painting…


And, surprisingly enough, we’re almost done with that too! We are movin’ right along today.

As far as the Codester foes today, he’s spent most of the day either wandering around in the hallway, wondering what the heck is going on…or he’s been parked under the tree.


He does love his special spot under that tree. Smile


Now I’m thinking I better finally take that shower soon so I’ll be ready to go to our Christmas party we have tonight. I can’t lie…I’m already thinking about the cake that’s going to be there tonight. I look forward to it eeeeeevery year.

Happy weekend, friends. Have a great night! Smile

House Projects on Black Friday

Good moooooorning! How was everyone’s Black Friday? Did you shop ‘til you dropped, or avoid the crowds completely? Besides a quick trip into Walmart on Thanksgiving night to buy shampoo for a rug cleaner (which was quite amusing to see everyone crowding around the various spots in the store before the deals were done and they were “let loose”) we didn’t do any shopping.

Instead, we actually tackled quite a few projects around the house…


We shampooed the rugs, hence the random furniture everywhere.


We cleaned out one of our basement closets, which was quite a project.

I took down all of the fall decorations.


And then it was time to put up the Christmas treeeeeee. Looks pretty good like that, right? Winking smile


I listened to my Mariah Carey holiday station on Pandora all afternoon long while I decorated the living room. I’ll tell ya…I have way too much fun decorating for Christmas!


We also decided to move our tree to a different spot this year; every year we’ve lived here, it’s always been in front of the big window because, well, it just seemed like the right thing to do. But this year, we decided to switch things up a bit.

So since we moved the tree, we also had to do a little rearranging of the furniture which, I must say, I like way more than I expected (here’s what it looked like before).




So much more roomy! We may just have to keep this setup for a while now. Smile

Around the time I finished up inside, Jay also finished up with the Christmas lights outside, so we put in my favorite day-after-Thanksgiving movie (Elf), and enjoyed some delicious leftovers for dinner.


There was really no question what was going to be for dinner…I had been waiting for it all day.


Mom’s homemade applesauce,


And a turkey, stuffing, provolone, and cranberry sandwich on whole wheat toast. THE best leftover Thanksgiving meal ever, in my opinion.


It was definitely a busy and productive day, and a good one at that. The three of us definitely enjoyed a little down time for the rest of the evening by the tree before calling it a night.


Oh yeah…Cody says hi and he hopes you have a great weekend. Winking smile