Scenes From Saturday {3/16}

Breakfast date with my bestie, Heather.


A return back to Illium Café, but a new-to-us breakfast menu.


An amazing chai tea latte to start the morning.


Followed by an amazing breakfast of french toast for Heather, scrambled eggs and a whipped banana pancake for me.


A trip to the Farmers Market (the first one since July).


With plenty of fresh bread abound.


Snacks throughout the day (almond and peanut butter are back in my life – thank goodness that was short-lived).


A Mexican dinner had with great friends.



Including a taco salad made by Yours Truly, which I will have to share with you all very soon because it was amazing.


And enchiladas which I have already bought the ingredients for to make later this week.


A birthday cake for Andrea, who celebrated her birthday last week.


Plus brownies made by Mal, both of which were out of this worrrrrld.


Mooners would certainly agree.


And we all got a great big laugh out of “having” to have some milk to wash down all of the decadent chocolate desserts.


The laugh, of course, was that everyone said it was such a “good thing” that the milk was fat-free and organic…you know, because we were all trying to be so health conscious with all that dessert and all. Hey, we found it amusing. Winking smile

Hope you all had a great Saturday yourselves!

Do I Have A Good Story For You

Oh boy, do I have a good story for you guys this morning! But I’ll get to that in just a second…

So as I mentioned yesterday afternoon, yesterday was a suuuuper busy day. I never wound up taking any photos of breakfast, but I did manage to snag lunch.


On the menu was leftovers from Tuesday night’s dinner: lean vegetable beef soup and cheesy Italian quick bread. Yum and yum.

I finished up lunch with a little something sweet in the form of some orange slices.


Heyyyy, check it out! I finally smartened up and peeled the orange BEFORE work, so I wouldn’t wind up with orange juice and pulp all over my desk and self. I am all about ways to make my work meals more efficient!

Right after work, I had plans to meet up with my friend Nicole, and we decided to check out a new-to-both-of-us place in downtown Troy, Illium Café.


I decided to choose this place because I was immediately intrigued by so many of their menu items…for example, their Crispy Peanut Butter and Jelly Pain Petite? WOW…all I can say is, I will, at some point, try that in my lifetime.

But for last night, seeing as though it was dinner and all and I figured I should probably go for something a bit more healthy, I decided to get their grilled vegetable panini with a side salad.


Luckily, it wasn’t only a healthy choice, but it was a delicious choice at that. The vegetables were cooked and marinated perfectly, and the balsamic dressing that came with the side salad was so simple, yet really, really good. I know I’ll definitely be back, because Jay also wants to try out a few things on the menu.

So while Nicole and I were at dinner, we did a whole lot of talking about health, fitness, and decorating. What? Those three things totally go together, don’t they? Winking smile

Nicole is an interior designer and I’ve been talking to her about how I desperately need some help in organizing our closets and getting some ideas on how to rearrange the rooms in our house to get ready for the babe. I’m so, so excited to have her come over within the next week or two so we can start up on the closets, as they’re in need of the most immediate attention. YAY for friends who are way more organized and clever with decorating and design than I am!

But you guys…get this. While I was out to dinner, my phone started ringing and it was from a number that didn’t really look familiar. For whatever reason, I almost always pick up my phone whether I recognize the number or not, so I decided to answer it. You wanna guess who it was?

It was the jerk of a doctor I told you guys about yesterday. YEAH, not kidding. He said he just wanted to follow up to see how I was feeling after taking a few doses of the meds that he prescribed. He also wanted to apologize for the mix up with not calling in my prescription (yeah, I didn’t mention that yesterday – I had to call the emergency hotline to actually get the prescription called in and raced to my pharmacy to pick it up last night before they closed at 9pm). THEN, he said that he wanted to sincerely apologize for how he treated me/handled things at my appointment. He said he certainly did not mean to get me upset (the receptionist must have obviously told him, or he found out from Jay contacting the head of the office – love my husband, btw) but that he just wanted to get me back to health.

Well, to say I was floored by the phone call would be an understatement. I told him thank you, and that I appreciated him going out of his way to call, which I really did. Granted, I didn’t tell him it was okay, because it wasn’t, and I still will never go back to see him, but I will say that the call helped me feel slightly less bitter towards the man.


By the time I got home, I quickly cleaned up a bit, got my lunch ready for tomorrow, ironed some clothes, and then, grabbed some chocolate.


I was recently sent a pretty great goody box from Brookside chocolates, which included three bags of their dark chocolate, errr, balls? Winking smile

The first (and only) bag we’ve broken into so far is the Dark Chocolate Goji with Raspberry, and Jay and I are both seriously in LOVE with these things. They are sooooooo good.


And don’t be fooled, my friends; that is not nearly what I would call a serving size. That’s more of a “hey, this is what they look like but I’m gonna eat about twenty more” kind of photo, just to give ya a visual. Winking smile

I cannot believe that today is seriously already Thursday. This week has been flyyyyying by for me, and hey, I am not complaining…just means we’re that much closer to the weekend, right?! Right.

Question for the Morning:

Do you have any tips or tricks on making your own meals more quick or efficient? If so, feel free to share! Perhaps we can all snag a few good ideas today!

One of my favorites would probably be the salad dressing on the bottom trick. Works like a charm every single time!