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Weekend Highlights {9/23}

by Courtney on September 23, 2013


Hey hey! Happy Monday, friends. How was the weekend? Since it was the first weekend of FALL and all, did anyone do anything fun and, umm, fall-ish? We didn’t necessarily do anything fall-ish (although we will be going apple picking and celebrating Fall Festival in just a couple weeks!) but we did have a great […]


A Sweet and Salty Salad You Must Try

by Courtney on October 22, 2012


Well, I went and got my camera back from my parents’ house this morning, so even though it’s old news, here’s a few pics from the day. Plenty of Jets fan gear all around, as if you didn’t already notice. My mom put out a great spread of food…I contributed the beer bread you see […]


Jets Game + Yoga Challenge, Week 2

by Courtney on October 15, 2012


Hey, friends! How was the weekend? Do anything fun? I actually had a pretty awesome weekend, in case ya missed it… Always Hoppin’ Things Making Me Smile This Week {10/14} A Major Chocolate Fix Good For The Soul And now, here’s the rest of my weekend…at the Jets football game! Jay, my parents, and I […]


Things Making Me Smile This Week {10/14}

by Courtney on October 14, 2012

Despite the fact that I had somewhat of a shit-tastic week, I did still manage to have a few good laughs and smiles thrown in the mix. Hey, you’ve gotta try to see the positive even when things are at their worst, right? So here’s a peek at a few things that managed to turn […]


Ready and Waiting

by Courtney on December 11, 2011


Well, today has been a nice little Sunday. Certainly a little more low-key than last Sunday, that’s for sure! This afternoon, Jay and I headed over to my parents’ house for the Jets game, which turned out to be a big ‘ol “W” to put in the books. WOOT! We snacked on lots of the […]


Out On A Weeknight

by Courtney on November 18, 2011


Okay, so I’m a tad sleepy this morning… I guess that’s what I get for staying out until midnight to watch my beloved Jets lose in last night’s game against the Broncos. Ughh, talk about a disappointment. But hey, ya know what? It was still an awesome way to spend my evening! As soon as […]


Tailgating at the Jets Game

by Courtney on September 18, 2011


Going to see a live football game is always such a great time! And it’s even better when they WIN, too. That’s 2-0 for my Jets, baby!! I’ve been lucky enough to be able to go to quite a few Jets games in my lifetime, thanks to my dad now being a season ticket holder, […]


Double Date Night & A Cookie Bar Recipe

by Courtney on January 9, 2011

Surprised smile

Yikes! How terrible of me…I promised you all a recipe yesterday and I didn’t deliver! Well, Jay and I set out yesterday afternoon to run the errands that we needed to take care of, but things took a little longer than we anticipated and we never made it back home before our double date night […]


Fun At The Football Game!

by Courtney on December 13, 2010


Hey, you win some…you lose some! Despite a disappointing loss from my Jets yesterday, our crew still managed to have a good time. The ride down to the stadium encouraged the opening of the TJ’s peanut butter pretzels I’ve been holding onto for almost a month and a half now… I don’t anticipate these being […]


Christmas Cookie Baking #2 & Some Girl Time

by Courtney on December 12, 2010


‘Twas two weeks before Christmas, when all through Mom’s kitchen, Batches upon batches of cookies were bakin’! Mom and I definitely worked just as hard the second time around on our marathon cookie baking. We both accomplished double batches of Mexican Wedding Cookies, and Christmas M&M Cookies. I actually used the same chocolate chip recipe […]