Fun Facts Friday {9/25}


1. We started getting our new backsplash installed in the kitchen this week and I am SO excited to see it finished! 2. Apparently there’s a new movie coming out this Christmas called The Big Short. Jay shared the trailer with me (<—link over there) the other day and it looks SO good. I cannot…

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Festival Fun and House Projects Completed


Ohhh, what a great weekend! Filled with fun and productivity, and since I’ve got lots to share, I’m just gonna jump right into it! Friday night was spent at home with some takeout pizza and wine, all while hanging out on the front porch with my boys. It was the most gorgeous evening…gotta take advantage…

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Officially Moved Out + New House Updates


Well, it took us a LOT longer than we expected but it’s official…we are finally, completely moved out of our old house. We planned on being completely moved out by Thursday, but it turns out we have more crap than anyone on the planet we anticipated, so although Wednesday night was our last night to…

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Sentence Per Picture Weekend


It’s amazing what a little nice weather will do for the soul. That, combined with some good fun with friends and delicious food, makes for one heck of a weekend. As I’m sitting down to type this on Sunday evening…and this is probably one of the first times I’ve really sat all day…I’m feeling pretty…

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Lightening Up a Somber Weekend

eggs and bacon breakfast

This weekend had some positive points for sure, but it also had some tough ones, too. Saturday was a good day though, from beginning to end. It started out with a delicious breakfast of eggs, bacon, and biscuits with jam, and even though we never made it out to breakfast, this was a fantastic substitute….

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Out with Friends, Midnight Dance Party, and So Much Delicious Food


Hey hey, happy Monday to you all! Did everyone have a fab weekend? Ours was just awesome, minus the fact that I apparently did something to my back while working out on Sunday and am experiencing a type of pain that I’ve never, ever felt before. Holy crap does it hurt. I’m keeping my fingers…

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Weekend Highlights, Double Date Night, and the BEST Funfetti Cake Bites EVER


Hey guys! Happy Monday! Did you guys all have a great weekend? I know we did. It was busy, but it was awesome and we not only got a lot accomplished, but we also managed to squeeze a great date night in too. So I’ll get right to it, since there’s a bunch… We’ll say…

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Babies in Swimsuits & Yoga with a Buddy


Hey, thanks so much for all the “congrats” yesterday, you guys! I don’t think it’ll ever feel “natural” to glance down and see my face in a magazine or splashed across a TV screen, so I’m still sort of soaking it all in. So weird, so cool. Since yesterday’s post was a bit different from…

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Weekend Highlights {3/3}


Happy Monday, friends! Long time, no chat? Yeah, I totally fibbed about making it back here on Friday. Lack of time and a busy work schedule got the best of me. Hey, it happens. But here’s to hoping this week is a little better/easier. So how was the weekend? Ours was a good mix of everything…

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