My Super Cool Adult Lunch Box


Have you guys seeeeeeen these before?!? So here’s the deal… When I got home from Mexico last week, I had a package waiting for me from Cascadian Farms, which was filled with some amazing goodies. (Actually, my friend Katie posted some pics of everything that was included in the awesome package, in case you want…

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I Didn’t Quit Blogging!


WELL. The past 24 hours have been quite interesting with the ol’ blog. Things started out last night… It was quickly brought to my attention that my blog seemed to have just up and disappeared, and a bunch of you thought I actually decided to quit blogging. No worries, my friends! That is totally not…

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Gettin’ Ready to Play Hostess

Heyyyyy, it’s halfway through Wednesday…which means we’re halfway through the work week! Let’s take a moment to raise the roof: Hopefully this little guy brought a smile to your day! 😀 Well, thanks to my remaining leftover roasted veggies from Saturday, today’s lunch was a quick and easy repeat of Monday’s delicious salad. A spring…

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Packed & Prepped In Less Than 5


Alright folks, it’s Monday, so I’m sure you’re probably expecting to see a “Monday Usual” on the horizon, right? Ahhh haaaaaa! Looks like I fool you today, because I decided to switch things up a bit! Mwahahaha. Thanks to having some leftover roasted veggies, lunch was prepped and packed all in about five minutes…what’s not…

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