Bachelorette Party Fun

Such a fun weekend away with the girls!!

A little after 12:30 yesterday afternoon, our group of ten made it up to Lake Champlain in Burlington, VT for a hot, sunny day on the beach. The water was warm and the sand was HOT. Like, not a “oh wow, that sand is hot” sort of hot…more like a “oh holy $h*t that sand is burning the bottoms of my feet!”

We quickly moved our stuff as close to the water as possible, set up shop, and enjoyed the day. We all picked up some subs from Subway on our way up and had those for lunch, along with a few other snacks throughout the afternoon.


(can anyone spot the tray of zucchini brownies in the shade?)

I’ll tell ya…we were a super fun group, but we did dearly miss our pal Rachel, who couldn’t make the trip because she wasn’t feeling well…hope you’re on the mend, Rachie!

IMG_3996Cropped pic since I’m pretty sure none of us are the post-full-bikini-pics-on-the-internet type…or at least, I am right now Winking smile

A little after 4:00, we decided we should all head out and make our way to the hotel so we could get ready for the evening. Once everyone showered up, we all met up in one of the rooms to celebrate the bachelorette!


We had some snacks and a couple beverages in one of our hotel rooms and hung out playing games and whatnot.


I enjoyed a couple Skinny Girl margaritas while we hung out before leaving for dinner and they’re pretty tasty. Have you tried ‘em yet?

A couple hours later, we all headed down to Church Street for our reservation at RiRa Irish Pub.


For my dinner, I decided to go with the “Uniquely Veggie” sandwich, which was a house made white bean patty, topped with goat cheese, sundried tomato pesto, sliced cucumbers, and caramelized onion.


It was good, but was actually a bit mushy. Fortunately, the flavor was enjoyable, and so were the fries. Winking smile

After dinner, we spent a little more time at the pub listening to the band that was playing before heading out to a different club for the rest of the evening.



One of our highlights of the evening though HAD to be when we encountered this group of lovely, err, “ladies.”


I believe they called themselves the Beaver Pond something or other, and oh my gosh were they a riot. Too, too funny!

Around 2:30am, we ended up making it back to the hotel and ate a crap-ton of tortilla chips, pretzels, and zucchini brownies before we called it a night…man, I’ll tell ya…I am not used to these late nights anymore. Hello, granny.

This morning, we all got up, stopped at DD’s for some breakfast (since we took too long getting ready and missed the continental breakfast at the hotel) and made our trip back home after a super fun weekend away.

Now that I’m all settled back in, it’s about time to go spend the rest of the evening with my boys and figure out something to make for dinner…I’m actually thinking that some Skinny Alfredo may be in order tonight!

How has everyone else’s weekend been? Anything fun or exciting happening?