last minute iced coffee

Lots of Variety

by Courtney on August 6, 2012


Mornin’ friends! Did everyone have a fantastic weekend? I know I sure did…lots of fun with friends, yummy treats, and finished it all up with a nice, relaxing evening at home with the hubs, the fur ball, and a great dinner. Here’s what will fill ya in on the first part of my weekend… Bachelorette […]


Saturday Morning Fetch

by Courtney on August 13, 2011


From the minute I walked out of the bedroom this morning, Cody was on the move and ready to play. So once I finished up a few of the things that I needed to do, our typical Saturday morning game of fetch ensued. I love seeing him get all scrunched down like that right before […]


Three Thoughts

by Courtney on July 24, 2011


Surprisingly, it didn’t take much effort…but my convincing paid off last night! And I was so engrossed in my amazing cup of fro yo that the camera wasn’t even thought of until after I finished. Woops. I will say, however, that it looked pretty darn similar to the cup I created at Sweet Frog’s in […]


CDNY Eat Drink Blog, Take 2

by Courtney on July 17, 2011


So yesterday afternoon, after attending Sarah’s beautiful shower, I had another special brunch to attend… with some of my favorite local blends! You may remember last year when we all got together, we had quite the spread of food…things ranging from salads, to fruit salsa, to sweet treats. Well this year, it was mostly about […]


Overrated Or Essential?

by Courtney on July 5, 2011


Happy Tuesday! Is everyone easing back into the grind alright this morning? I hope your holiday weekend was fabulous! In case you were super busy like I was this past weekend, here’s what you may have missed… 45 Minute “Kicked Up” Treadmill Routine From Market To Table Finally!! Four And A Half Hours Later… Festive […]


How To Make Last Minute Iced Coffee

by Courtney on June 10, 2011


You know those workouts that you really dread doing but end up turning out to be one of your best? Yep, I had me one of those on Monday. You know those workouts that you have really high hopes for but end up turning out to be awful? Yep, I had one of those this […]