Back in the Saddle

After taking just about three days off from any sort of working out, it felt great to jump back in the saddle today. Gosh, it really is crazy how things can change, isn’t it? I love the fact that I wasn’t going nuts over not getting any workouts in. In fact, I actually enjoyed those few days…thoroughly! Not only is it good for the body, but it does wonders for the mind, too.

I started things off with some walking intervals – nothing crazy. I just switched up my speeds and/or inclines about every 5 minutes or so to make for a great, 40 minute workout. After that, I followed things up with 20 minutes of yoga and called it a day. Like I said, nothing crazy, but it felt gooooood.

By the time I had finished everything, I was feeling pretty hungry so I put together a quick snack.


Cottage cheese + fresh pineapple + strawberries. Seriously, fresh fruit with cottage cheese is just so good. So light and refreshing!

A couple of hours later, I ended up reheating some more leftovers for lunch.


I finished up the last of our easy crockpot chicken leftovers and had that along with some baby carrots that I steamed in the microwave with some garlic oil, salt, and pepper.


Not the most exciting or colorful of meals, but it really did hit the spot.

After lunch, I spent some time working on a few client training plans while I let a little something cook up in the oven.


I always get so excited when my breads actually cook up with the crack down the center, rather than just sink through the middle. Now let’s just hope it stayed that way, since I haven’t been out to check on it in about a half hour…which also means it’s about time for me to go grab a slice.

Or two.

And if it turns out well enough to share, you most definitely know that I will, ASAP.

But for now, I have to go make an emergency trip out for Halloween candy. I had told myself I wasn’t going to buy any, since we haven’t had trick-or-treaters in about 3 years, but wouldn’t it be just my luck if I decide not to have any and kiddos do show up. I’d feel terrible!

I mean, it can’t hurt to have a little chocolate in the house…plus, I really don’t want to be known as the house that gives out granola bars or raisins. They were always the worst, right?