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Touring with Love Grown Foods

by Courtney on May 7, 2012


Alright. Let’s talk about one of the most awesome afternoons EVER right now. On Friday, after arriving at the airport and meeting up with this gal, the two of us found a few other of our Blend Retreat friends and were quickly greeted with a snazzy pick up service, in the form of the Love […]


Spreading Some Love Of My Own

by Courtney on April 2, 2012


Remember when I told you that Cody was guarding a box of serious goods? Well, let’s talk about those goods for a minute. As you guys know, I am a proud Love Blogger. I love being a part of this company because not only is their granola the bomb, but because they are all so […]


Love Blondies

by Courtney on December 16, 2011


About a week ago, I received an email from the lovely folks over at Love Grown Foods. The email, which was sent to all of us Love Bloggers, announced that they were going to be hosting another LOVE Blogger contest to help celebrate the upcoming holidays. Celebrating? Contests? I was intrigued… Then, I saw what […]


Side Notes

by Courtney on September 20, 2011


Today is off to a good start. I’ve already gotten some stuff done around the house, got a good workout in, and have a good breakfast in my belly. Holla! Workout This morning I was in the mood for some cardio, which is a good thing, since it’s what I had planned on doing anyways. […]