WIAW: My First Zoodles!

Hey guys! Totally loved hearing all of your feedback on yesterday’s post, and thanks so much for weighing in. It was cool hearing how some of you have made some big career moves, too, so major props to all of you!

I’ve had some of you ask what it is that I do now, but really, there isn’t a whole lot to share (and I prefer to keep some things “off the blog,” if you will). I work for a software company, and my position has me as an integral role between some of our customers and our in-house developers.

Is it a job that’s changing lives? No, not really. Does it make me feel like I’m making a difference? Not most of the time. But what does make a difference? The fact that I totally love the people that I work with, I have an amazing boss, and I have the flexibility that is absolutely my top priority right now for me and our family. Should I still be at the same company a few years down the road, then maybe I’ll pursue some other avenues within the company. But for now, I’m doing what works best for our family, and it’s really great.

SO…all of that said…let’s switch gears a bit with a little WIAW action! I decided last minute that I was going to partake in Jenn’s party, so some of my photos are recycled, but you’ll get the idea.

What I Ate Wednesday Button


Love Grown Foods Hot Oats (peach almond vanilla flavor) + my favorite Starbucks coffee order

love grown foods hot oats

It had been a while since I had the peach almond flavor, and it is soooo good.

Mid-Morning Snack

Banana + peanut butter, which was actually eaten closer to noon because I was pretty busy all morning.

peanut butter and banana

I ate that in about 2 minutes or less so I could race out the door for an appointment, and by the time I got back, I was more than ready to dive into lunch.


A salad, no surprise there…BUT, with a few new/different toppings.


This week, I decided to add some diced strawberries, roasted brussels sprouts, and grilled chicken, and they have been totally delicious the past two days.

Mid-Afternoon Snacks

About an hour after lunch, I still wanted something more, so I broke into the rest of the snacks that I grabbed from home and snacked on an orange, then some belVita breakfast biscuits.

cara cara oranges

belvita breakfast biscuits

I first blogged about those breakfast biscuits almost a year ago, and they’ve continued to be a favorite of mine ever since. SO good!

Pre-Dinner Snacks

While I was preparing last night’s dinner, I’m pretty sure I snacked on a few bites of Lucas’s pasta and grabbed a Dove milk chocolate caramel, but they went undocumented. I also poured myself a glass of chardonnay while cooking because, well, cooking + wine are always a wonderful combo.


Oh, it was a good one! Seared flank steak with oven roasted red potatoes and some zoodles!

steak dinner

Yes, I finally got the chance to use my new spiralizer to make some zucchini noodles, and I was totally shocked at just how easy the thing was to use. Once I had my “zoodles,” I tossed them in a little olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic powder in a sauté pan. I let them heat through a bit, then finished them off with some parmesan cheese.

spiralized zucchini

Those things totally exceeded my expectations, and now I’m feeling like I want to spiralize all. the. things.


I haven’t had anything yet, since my goal was to get my post typed up before 8pm (I’ve got 10 minutes to spare), but I’d be willing to bet money on the fact that I’m likely going to have this. It’s sort of been my thing recently…ya know, if I’m not eating ice cream or cookies, and all of that fun stuff… Winking smile


Reminder! Join Me for the BJ’s Wholesale Club Twitter Party TONIGHT!

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If you want to join in, you can RSVP HERE, and check out the details below:

  • What: BJ’s Wholesale Club “Eat Better, Exercise Smarter, Sleep Better” Twitter Party
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So how ‘bout you guys? What was the best thing you ate yesterday?

WIAW: Has It Been That Long?

Guys. Has it seriously been since October when I last did a WIAW post? I knew it had been a little while, and maybe I’m losing my mind, but has it really been that long? Sheesh.


Well, today I’m back again with a new one! I managed to document all of my eats from Tuesday AND actually found the time to blog about them all. Whaddya know?! Winking smile

Before we get to that though, can I just say how incredibly awesome you guys are?? Thanks so much for all the sweet comments yesterday. You all sure know how to make a gal feel good about herself!


A cup of coffee + blueberry banana walnut Hot Oats + a banana


I actually really missed out on my green smoothie yesterday morning. I have been making them almost every morning but a) it was absolutely freezing yesterday and the thought of drinking something cold didn’t sound all that great, and b) I ran out of time to make it in the morning anyways. Hey, maybe today?

Mid-Morning Snack

I found myself starving again around 10:15am, so I spread a bunch of peanut butter on a couple of rice cakes I had stashed at my desk (unfortunately, they’re all gone now…time to restock!).


I’ve totally been lovin’ on this combo lately, FYI. So, so good.


A big ol’ salad with mixed greens, cucumbers, carrots, grape tomatoes, dried cranberries, feta cheese, and some rolled up deli turkey with parmesan peppercorn dressing on the side.


I also had a meeting later in the morning and one of the guys I work with brought in some homemade hummus and chips, so I snacked on some more of that with lunch.


Umm, ok seriously? Homemade hummus is unreal. Why do I even buy the store-bought stuff?? I need to get on that, like, yesterday.

Mid-Afternoon Snack

Lunch did a good job of filling me up but I still wanted a little something sweet, so I snacked on the two clementines I brought with me to work (for one of the first times in my life, I have yet to find a “dud” in my box!)


I also sipped on a hot mug of chai green tea to try to defrost my hands (it was absolutely freezing in our office yesterday!).


After work, I picked up the boy, came home, and we did our usual thang…feed, hang out and play, dinner time for Lucas, and bedtime. Jay actually took care of bedtime last night (we’re trying to have him do it occasionally with a bottle, just so he can get used to both of us) so I took a quick 25 minutes to squeeze in a workout. I had been trying to psych myself out all day to do it and I was SO pumped when I made it happen!

As someone who would most definitely choose to exercise in the morning (but is not quite possible just yet with Lucas’s sleeping), trying to workout in the evening is not always easy. I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to make it happen, but a quick workout tonight totally seems doable. I’m feelin’ good about it.


While I finished up my workout, Jay actually took care of making dinner for us (what a guy, right?).


We were originally planning on making paninis but we never got the bread for it (DUH), so we improvised and made smothered chicken instead. He marinated and grilled up the chicken, then topped it with some sliced avocado, bacon, and provolone cheese, with some frozen veggie + potato thing on the side. Mmmm mmmmmm was it good.

I also need to tell you guys about a delicious dinner that we had on Monday, too. Our friends Sarah and Jeff came over to visit and Sarah offered to make us dinner at our house (gosh, I love her). She made her favorite chicken parm recipe and OMG, was it goooood.


Rock on, Sarah. You make a meeeeeean chicken parm. Winking smile


(Fun Fact: Sarah and Jeff are having a baby boy this coming April, so Lucas is going to have yet another friend to play with!)

I loaded my plate up with chicken and pasta. There was no holding back…and I had no problem finishing pretty much all of it.


Wanna know another fun fact? The plate above with the smothered chicken was our smaller dinner plate; the plate right above with the chicken parm is our large dinner plate. Funny how they look so similar, right?


As of the time I’m writing this post (on Tuesday night) I’ve yet to have something, but I’m pretty positive I’ll probably be finding some sort of chocolate this evening. ;)

Love Grown Foods Giveaway

Good morning, friends! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Be sure to check out the Baby Tooth page today…Lucas’s 2 Month Update is up! In the meantime, read on for a yummy giveaway.


If you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time, then you’re probably already aware of the fact that I am in love with the LOVE. Love Grown Foods, that is.

You also may know that I’m lucky enough to be one of their Love Bloggers, which has afforded me many awesome opportunities. Do you remember when I got to tour the Love Pad last May??

You might remember a couple of months back when I shared their new Super Oats with you. Unlike their individual Hot Oat cups, the new 12 oz. hot cereal blends are unsweetened, making it super easy to customize each and every bowl. They only take a few quick minutes to cook up in the microwave, and they’ll also work perfectly for baking (one of the bags has a stellar sounding cookie recipe on the back!).

Soooo, another awesome perk of being a Love Blogger is that I get to help spread the love to all of my favorite readers…and today, I have got quite a LOVEly giveaway for you!


My friends at Love Grown Foods are offering a lucky STSL reader a HUGE LOVE BOX that consists of the following: 2 bags of SUPER OATS (one of each flavor), 1 bag of Oat Clusters granola (the flavor will be chosen by your winner), and 4 Hot Oats Cups (1 of each flavor).

To Enter: (there are 4 ways to enter – feel free to do one or all, but please leave a separate comment for each entry).

(Open to U.S. residents only)

1. Leave a comment on this post about your favorite LOVE product (or if you haven’t tried it yet, which one you’d be most excited for).

2. Follow ME & Love Grown Foods on Instagram.

3. Follow & pin this giveaway to Pinterest.

4. Tweet about the giveaway: “I want to win the @LoveGrownFoods #SuperOats giveaway from @SweetToothCourt! – http://wp.me/p1g6nA-cp6″

Giveaway ends Thursday, October 10th (winner announced Friday AM). Good Luck!

FYI: Hot Oats and Super Oats are available in The Fresh Market, Kroger, City Market, King Soopers, QFC, Fred Meyer, Dillons, Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage, Sprouts, and select regions of Whole Foods.

Changes For The Better – A Quick Talk About My Relationship With Food

Apparently, I was feeling a little wordy this morning as I got working on this post, so I’ve got lots to talk about today. Especially down towards the bottom of the post, but we’ll get to that in a second.

I will say first that this week has really been a pretty darn good week so far. Work has been fairly even-keeled…not too busy, not too slow. We haven’t been too super busy in the evenings, which has been nice. We got some great Baby Tooth updates. And, for whatever reason, I keep finding myself in this calm, content state of zen. It’s sort of weird, actually. I’ll just be sitting at home and suddenly feel so relaxed and happy (despite the fact that I feel like we still have about 1,001 things to do), and I start thinking about all of the things that I’m so thankful for in my life. This is super out of the norm for me…not to say I’m usually a spastic maniac…but it’s just, I don’t know. Different. Is this a pregnancy thing? If it is, I’ll gladly take the positive side effect.

But back to the food, since that’s our usual talk around here. Yesterday included some pretty good stuff, starting with breakfast.

love grown foods hot oats

Love Grown Foods hot oats (now available on Amazon!) in peach almond vanilla mixed with blueberries. Always a great choice for when I’m running late out the door in the morning.

Part of the reason breakfast had to be quick and easy was because I took a little more time on making my lunch yesterday morning.

veggie sandwich

As I was getting ready for work, I realized I was reeeeeally in the mood for a big veggie sandwich. So I slathered two pieces of whole wheat bread with some sun-dried tomato hummus and added mixed greens, provolone cheese, pickles, tomatoes, and cucumber slices.

And in order to prevent the sammy from getting too soggy, I kept the pickles, tomatoes, and cucumbers in a separate baggie and added them once I was ready to eat. It was perrrrfect.

veggie sandwich

I was feeling suuuuuper hungry around lunch and I knew that the sandwich alone wasn’t going to cut it, so I also managed to grab another bag of the hummus popped chips that I raved about recently.

Unfortunately, as good as that lunch was, I felt like it barely made a dent in my hunger (apparently I was making up for Wednesday??). I had to run out quickly after eating, and while I was out I found myself with a sudden, strong urge for a vanilla ice cream cone from McDonald’s.

I know…how odd and random, right?

Thankfully, there’s a Micky-D’s right down the road from our office…

vanilla ice cream cone

So I pulled through the drive -thru, ordered my $1.00 cone, and thoroughly enjoyed the mini guy on my drive back to work. It toooootally hit the spot. Like, I can’t even begin to explain. :)

There were a few other snacks scattered throughout the afternoon, but none of them are nearly as exciting as the dinner Jay and I wound up throwing together last night. Apparently, yesterday was a day of major “gotta have it” cravings, because around mid-afternoon yesterday I could NOT get pasta with alfredo out of my head. Literally…I thought about it all afternoon long.

Thank GOODNESS we had all of the ingredients on hand to make my favorite skinny alfredo sauce.

skinny alfredo sauce

To our bowls of pasta (a random mix of veggie rotelli and regular farfalle) we added some sliced chicken sausages, lots of alfredo sauce(!), and some sauteed broccoli and grape tomatoes.

skinny alfredo sauce

It was heaven.

And I must say, I’ve REALLY been enjoying all of the food I’ve been eating lately. It feels SO good to just eat what I want and not have to worry about how “bad” it is, or any other garbage like that, which used to inundate my brain on a daily basis. I recently found myself looking through a few old blog posts (much older, back in 2010-2011) of mine and some of the things I came across really made me cringe. The things I would say…the way I somehow felt I had to explain food choices if they weren’t “perfect”…the foods I’d eat (or lack thereof)…the extreme exercise I’d do following a day of eating a “treat.”

It was really disappointing to read. But at the same time, it was incredibly eye-opening, and I’m so thankful that I have that documented to look back on now. To see just how much things have changed…and to me, I totally see those changes for the better. Was I thinner? Yes, of course. Was I happier? Not really.

For some of you, maybe you think my eating choices aren’t as “healthy” anymore. If that’s the case, no harm, no foul. We all have our own ways of approaching food and eating, and if our eating habits don’t necessarily mesh, then that’s okay. No judgement here.

I know I’ve mentioned this briefly a couple of times on the blog (and I know I still need to really gather all of these thoughts and share them with you guys…this is just a little snippet that I suddenly found myself thinking about), but I’m really excited to continue this new relationship with food that I have, well beyond pregnancy. Granted, I’m sure some things will change once the pregnancy is over (I’ll be shocked if my cheeseburger obsession continues, but who knows? ;) ), but I’ll take that as it comes.

To me, life is just wayyyy too short to spend all day worrying about food. I’d rather just enjoy it (and share some of the good stuff with all of you along the way).

What do you guys think?

WIAW: Quite a Treat

Aaaaaaand we’re back, for another edition of What I Ate Wednesday Tuesday!

Not a ton of green happening this week, but hey, I did alright. Plenty of nutritious eats paired with yummy treats. Let’s check out the goods…


Love Grown Foods Hot Oats (peach almond vanilla flavor, yum!) + coffee


After I snapped that photo, I added a big spoonful of peanut butter to the oats…made them 10x better than they already are.

Mid-Morning Snack

An apple + a small handful of unpictured almonds


Simple, yet satisfying.


If I wasn’t so lazy, I swear I’d probably make chicken and/or tuna salad for lunch every day. Every time I make it, I’m totally in love with the stuff.


I made this chicken salad slightly different, using what I had available: a can of chicken, finely chopped onion, celery, carrots, and cucumbers, dried cranberries, green grapes, dijon mustard, ~1 tbsp light mayo, salt & pepper.


Then I scooped them it all up with a generous serving of wheat thins.

Mid-Afternoon Snack

Another favorite of mine…cottage cheese with chunk pineapple and fresh strawberries.


Usually, I enjoy my Greek yogurt as a snack, but every once in a while I like switching it up with some cottage cheese.

I also required a little extra sweetness after the cottage cheese…


I got this dark chocolate coconut cream egg from the “work Easter bunny” last week and it’d been sitting on my desk ever since. I decided to go for it (I’m hit or miss with coconut) and it totally hit the spot.


We were treated to a delicious dinner, courtesy of our pals Josh & Erika (aka, our favorite OBX travel partners) last night! On the menu were some side salads,


which got topped with this, umm, incredibly delicious salad dressing…


And THE most amazing pulled chicken. Ever.


With lots of scoops tortilla chips to scoop up the good stuff, of course.


Shortly after dinner, we also had dessert, which was quite a treat. Have you guys ever seeeeeen this Blue Bunny Red Velvet Cake ice cream?!?


To be honest, I wasn’t even sure I’d like it since red velvet is typically chocolate based and I’m not a fan of chocolate ice cream. But this stuff? Oh no…THIS stuff was fantastic.


I thoroughly enjoyed every last bite of my portion.

So there we have it! Another successful WIAW Tuesday with lots of yumminess. Just how I like it. Winking smile

My New Favorite Enchiladas

Have I mentioned just how much I love Mexican food these days?


Oh, I have? Silly me. ;)

Last night we had our friends Joe & Kate over for dinner (not bbq pulled chicken for a change…although Mexican does seem to be our other favorite) which turned out to be a super fun night, as always! I will admit that it was a bit of a whirlwind to get everything together yesterday…I got stuck a little late at work and hadn’t pre-prepped anything. Thank goodness Jay knows his way around a kitchen and was able to at least get the enchilada sauce started.

So as soon as I got home, I threw my coat off and got to work. Boy, I’ll tell ya…I work GOOD under pressure! I had the whole meal pre-cooked, prepped, and ready to go into the oven in about 45 minutes. Then I stopped, took a breather, and finally went to the bathroom.

So the main course for the evening was enchiladas, and when I tell you just how excited I am to have them again for my leftovers for lunch today, I’m not even kidding. I used the same recipe that my friend Kanika used on Saturday, which is this Black Bean Spinach Enchiladas recipe.


The recipe makes 8 enchiladas, but knowing that I’d have some carnivores amongst us, I also cooked up some ground beef with onions and chili powder and made 4 more with refried beans, the beef mixture, and cheese. Luckily, there was enough of the homemade enchilada sauce from the other recipe to use for both, so we were good to go.

Once the enchiladas were into the oven, I quickly cooked up a batch of my favorite cilantro lime rice from Skinnytaste.


While everything finished cooking, the four of us snacked on some chips, salsa, and some Trader Joe’s Guacamole Hummus. Okay, I’d never had the stuff but WOW, was it good. I also never got a chance to snap a picture of it, but I found one here, so here’s what to look for in case you trust my judgment enough and want to go out and buy some.

I can promise you…I will be picking this up at my next TJ’s trip!

My plate for dinner – rice, a black bean spinach enchilada, and half of a beef enchilada. The beef ones weren’t my favorite, so I left that and wound up having another half of the black bean spinach ones because I just love them.


I’m even tempted to say they’re my new favorite (even over my creamy chicken enchiladas recipe). SOOOOO good.

After dinner, we wound up watching the movie Argo and snacking on delicious brownies that Kate made (and I also never wound up snapping a photo of). Have you guys seen this movie?

It interested me a little bit when it was out in theaters but we just never got around to watching it. I must say though, it was a great movie! It had all four of us in such suspense the entire time, yet had a little comic relief in there too. I really, really enjoyed it…and you know that’s the truth because I was able to stay up until almost 10:00pm watching it and never fell asleep. ;)


This morning, I really wanted waffles but, of course, I knew I wasn’t going to give myself enough time to have them…

So I’m most likely going to be having a breakfast that looks something similar to this one, since I know I have a cup of hot oats stashed away in my desk drawer.

Hey, it’ll work. One of these days I’ll give myself enough time for waffles again.


On a different note, I’m so glad to see so many of you psyched about the Reebok giveaway! Keep the entries coming…you still have until tomorrow to enter.

Tonight right after work, Jay and I are heading out to meet up with his parents for dinner AND we’re picking up our crib!! Ahhh, I’m so excited! Hopefully this weekend we’ll be able to get it put together…as long as we can finish clearing out the rest of the stuff in that mess of a room. ;)

Question for the Morning:

If you had unlimited time for breakfast every morning, what would you make?

Love Grown Foods Hot Oats For You {CLOSED}

Hey hey! So as of right now, we are officially en route to Mexico! Keep your fingers crossed that we have smooth travels and don’t run into any snafus along the way. Before I get into anything else, just a quick heads up that the Baby Tooth page was updated this morning!

***** Alright, so as I mentioned before, I have a few different giveaways scheduled for all of you this week, and today just happens to be the first of them. So you mayyyyy remember back at the very end of December, how I was wicked excited for the new Love Grown Foods Hot Oats product reveal.

IMG_9331 Since then, I’ve most definitely enjoyed all four of the delicious flavors, which include:

  • Blueberry Banana
  • Walnut
  • Apple Cinnamon
  • Strawberry Raspberry
  • Peach Vanilla
  • Almond

I loved them ALL, so I honestly don’t even know if I could pick a favorite.

But I will say that I did save the Blueberry Banana Walnut for last, and it was quite incredible. Winking smile

The oats were filling, chewy, and had the perfect texture. When I make my oats, I tend to prefer them a bit on the thicker side, so just a quick extra 30 seconds in the microwave and they were perfection. IMG_9337

And really, check out that ingredient list. Super simple…super awesome. Since the Hot Oats are still rolling out, the Love Grown team is still working on getting out to various retailers, but there are a few where you can currently find them now:

  • Raley’s (Northern CA)
  • Whole Foods – Southern CA
  • Whole Foods – Rocky Mountain Region
  • Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage
  • King Soopers/City Market (Colorado)
  • Sobeys (Canada <—yep, that’s right!)
  • If the Hot Oats aren’t available near you yet, you should be able to order them on Amazon VERY soon! (I know I will once they’re up!). OR…you can have a chance to win some of your own by entering this lovely giveaway. Winking smile

    Love Grown Foods is giving one lucky winner a package of each of the four flavors as well as YOUR favorite granola flavor!

    (giveaway is open to US and Canadian readers)

    Ways To Enter:

    • Leave a comment on this post with the flavor you are most excited to try.
    • Follow Love Grown on Pinterest, or Twitter, and leave a comment letting me know that you did.
    • Tweet about this giveaway “@SweetToothCourt is giving away @LoveGrownFoods hot oats! – http://www.sweettoothsweetlife.com/2013/02/19/love-grown-foods-hot-oats-for-you/“ (and leave a separate comment letting me know that you did).

    I will choose and announce one lucky winner on Monday, February 25. Good luck!

Just Like Cookie Dough

Okay, I know I live in the northeast. I know it’s the dead of winter. And I also know this is nothing new…BUT. When it’s negative two degrees outside? Ehhh, I’m sorry but that is just downright miserable. Only 26 more days until sunny Mexico, baby!

So I never came back to visit you all after yesterday morning’s post; it wound up being a pretty busy day and by the time I got home, made dinner, and sat down, I wound up falling asleep on the couch about an hour and a half later. I was downright pooped last night.

I thought that since I made it to bed early I might be able to swing an early morning workout this morning, but when the alarm went off today, every part of my body was screaming nooooooo. No worries though; I have time after work today…I just may need some extra motivation from you all. Yes…just like many of you need motivation to get up in the mornings? I need it for the evenings. Just goes to show what different breeds we all are, I suppose!

As far as eats go from yesterday? Well, I have a few to share, starting with breakfast.


I had my coffee plus a container of apple cinnamon Love Grown Foods hot oats with blueberries mixed in. I’ll tell ya, I’ve been loving these hot oats since I first received them back in December, but have been trying really hard to space them out since I only got four and they aren’t in stores near me yet (although I believe they’re on amazon?). Either way, I only have one left. Boooo.


Lunch was super quick and easy, thanks to some leftover salad from Tuesday night’s dinner. To give it a little protein, I added a pouch of chunk light tuna, which was good, but not great.


Other snacks from the rest of the day included the last of my bag of popchips (yes, yet another desk snack),


and a small container of cottage cheese with pineapple.


Dinner was something that we actually planned ahead for (yay for meal planning!), Tilapia Tacos with Roasted Corn Relish.



I love this meal for so many reasons. For one, it’s light, healthy, and just super delicious. But really, I love it because it’s done within about 20 minutes. Quick and speedy dinners are definitely favorites in our household!

Shortly after finishing dinner, I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and came across this photo of Colleen’s vanilla Chobani with peanut butter and chocolate chips.

She said it tasted “just like cookie dough” and since I was really craving something sweet, I gave it a try. Well Colleen, I’m not quite sure it tastes juuuuust like cookie dough (just like I think banana soft serve reeeeally doesn’t taste just like soft serve, and desserts with chickpeas really do taste like chickpeas), but I will say that it was a mighty delicious dessert and I would absolutely make it again. Thanks for the inspiration, my fellow cold-despising friend.

So now…about that workout motivation for tonight… ;)

Questions for the Morning: Would You Rather (it’s baaaack!)…

  • Be in extreme cold or extreme heat?
  • Workout first thing in the morning or at the end of your day?
  • Eat a large portion of a “healthy” dessert or a small portion of something decadent?

The NEW Love Grown Foods Product Reveal

You guys know I love me some breakfast for dinner, so imagine my excitement last night when Jay suggested this amazing meal.


It. Was. SO. Good. We used our favorite Fluffy Pancake recipe; Jay had his with chocolate chips, I had mine plain and topped them with some banana slices and syrup.

While I worked on making the pancakes, Jay cooked up some turkey bacon in a skillet on the stovetop (aka, the key to great turkey bacon!) for us to have on the side.


Everything was incredibly delicious, and super filling. I was completely stuffed by the time I finished my plate, which is actually not normal for me. Usually I can polish off a plate of pancakes and then be ready for more right after. Weird.

So not only did last night include a fun dinner, but it also included a pretty fun shipment, which I’ve been waiting months for.

You know how I’ve been giving you all some teasers about the Love Grown Foods big new product reveal? Well, here it is…

Hot Oats!


The new hot oats come in four flavors:

Blueberry Banana Walnut


Strawberry Raspberry


Apple Cinnamon


And Peach Almond Vanilla, which was actually my breakfast this morning.



I added about half of a mashed banana and some extra blueberries in to mine, and it was suuuuper delicious.

photo (1)

I love how they all have simple ingredients,


and pretty decent nutrition facts, too.


Definitely a winner in my book – not only yummy, but quite convenient for my on-the-go breakfasts as of late. Way to go, Love Grown!


Workouts on Demand Giveaway Winner

The winner of the giveaway has been chosen, and that lucky winner IS…#117:

Sara @ fitcupcaker

I have insanity and p90 but I like a change up, these would be good to have around when you don’t feel like leaving the house or you are in a rush!

Congrats, Sara! Shoot me an email at sweettoothcourtney at gmail dot com so I can get you set up with your membership!


Time to get back to thre grind…Happy FRIDAY, everyone!! What’s good for the weekend?

Rumor has it we have plans on Saturday, and we have our double dinner date tonight, but other than that, I’m not too sure? I guess we’ll see where the weekend takes us…and hopefully it takes us to Sephora at some point. ;)