lucas 3 months old

Lucas: 3 Months

by Courtney on November 12, 2013

Lucas 3 Months

Seeing as though Lucas turned 3 months old about 2 weeks ago, I’m a little behind schedule here BUT…we are officially out of the “newborn” stage and Lucas is now an infant. Holy moly! With each and every passing day, our little guy develops more and more of a personality, and while I feel like […]


Weekend Highlights {10/28}

by Courtney on October 28, 2013


Gooooood morning! How’s everyone hangin’ in there this morning? Anyone else wondering where the heck the weekend went, ‘cuz I sure am. It was a super great one though, and let me tell ya something…now that I’m back to work, weekends are just so much more precious. The weekend officially started once I was off […]