Is Gluten My Enemy?


Ladies and Gentlemen, we are one day closer to Friday! Can I get a WOOT WOOT!! *********** So I got my Thursday started nice and early with an early morning workout combo; and I will say that the 5:30 alarm really didn’t seem all that bad when it was accompanied by the sounds of chirping…

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This Could Be Interesting


Happy Thursday! 😀 Can you guess where I was this morning?!? BodyPump! It’s actually been weeks since I last attended a BodyPump class, so I was actually pretty darn psyched about going (despite the 5:45am start time!) 😯 This is the first time I’m attempting an early morning gym trip with having to go straight…

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Is It Lunchtime Yet?


Ok, well let’s skip right past last night’s terrible and disappointing loss, shall we? I don’t know what was going on with my Jets, but they just could not pull it together. I feel bad for my dad and brother who had to witness first-hand down at the stadium and then drive all the way…

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I’m Such A Tease…


It’s another BUSY day in the life of Courtney… Which included a very random, and somewhat lame breakfast which was thrown together mighty quick… THIS, however, was not lame. YUM! But more on that another time… My day did start out with some baking early this morning… and it involved pumpkin… It smelled absolutely delightful……

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Short & Sweet


Today’s breakfast post is gonna be short & sweet, since I have another BUSY day ahead of me… Workout Wasn’t happening. The foot is not happy with me today. Oooof. 😳 Breakfast Quick & delicious! A vanilla flavored Chobani mixed with a diced up peach that was on its last leg.   And a new…

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Bringin’ Back An Old Favorite


By the time 12:00 rolled around, I was more than ready for some lunch. I did have a small snack of Manna Bread mid-morning, but it didn’t tide my appetite over very long. I guess that’s what 1-1/2 hours of mowing the lawn will do to ya! (That’s right Jay, it’s ALL DONE!) 😀 Whew,…

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