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I Just Want My Car Back…

by Courtney on February 9, 2011


It is so much fun having a buddy to go to the gym with! Today’s BodyPump seemed so much better, just knowing that I had Mal to join me. I think she really enjoyed her first class, and I’m hoping she’ll come buddy up with me again…I have a bunch of guest passes. Do you […]


Free Entertainment

by Courtney on February 5, 2011


Happy Saturday everyone! How’s your day starting off?? Jay and I have been enjoying a wonderfully relaxing morning, and just finished a fantastic breakfast. Fantastic because I love breakfast. But fantastic again, because I didn’t make it! In this house, Jay is definitely the Omelet Master. So when he offered to cook us up some […]


A Surprise Anniversary Celebration

by Courtney on January 4, 2011

**Just a Reminder: If you haven’t yet re-subscribed to STSL after the move, you can do so by clicking here for email, or here for RSS feed!** I’ll admit: Having no kitchen to come home to doesn’t always make the thought of dinners all that exciting. Sure, the occasional crockpot meal or panini sandwich are […]


Brain Farts, Indecision, & Christmas Tunes

by Courtney on November 23, 2010


You like that title?? Knowing that at 3:00 today I’d be on vacation for five days was definitely a good enough motivator to pop right outta bed this morning! I started off my “Pseudo Friday” with a glorious 4-mile run on the treadmill. Had it not been for time constraints, I probably would have kept […]