Missing Food Group

Alright, so I guess the bread really isn’t all that bad


Seeing as though I probably made about half a dozen trips out into the kitchen this morning and afternoon to grab a few more nibbles with peanut butter.

Don’t worry, it’s still as ugly as ever, and if you happened to stop by my house this afternoon I probably wouldn’t serve you a piece because it’s really not incredible.


But it’s here, so I’m eating it.

And I even went ahead and had some more for lunch. Smile


Only this time, I popped a slice in the toaster so it would make my peanut butter all melty and delicious. Oh goodness, why is melty peanut butter soooo good?

Considering I’ve consumed more than enough bread + pb all morning, I kept lunch a bit on the lighter side, rounding out my meal with a black cherry Chobani,


and some fresh fruit: honeydew, strawbs, and bloobs.


You probably noticed that this lunch was lacking the all-important veggie food group…


…well that’s because tonight I already know that I’m headed to one of my favorite salad places, where I intend on eating a salad the size of my head.

But I still made an attempt to cover the rest of my nutritional bases for my mid-day meal, so I think I should be good to go for the day. Now my evening will be devoted entirely to veggies…and fro yo. Winking smile

Questions for the Afternoon:

Do you try to incorporate many food groups at each meal or just for a whole day?

Which food group would you say you eat the most from?

Mine would have to be breads and grains…no doubt!