Fun Facts Friday {7/3}


1. This kid. He has me cracking up these days over some of the things he does and says. And recently, he’s been finding himself quite funny, too. This picture for example… He was making funny faces into the phone and laughing after each one. Laughter certainly is the best medicine! 2. This salad will…

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Fun Amidst the Chaos

cinnamon rolls

I’ll tell ya…Memorial Day is a whole lot different when you’re spending the majority of it packing away. But luckily, we still managed to throw some fun into the mix, too. Starting with breakfast. I mean, things always get a bit more fun when there’s cinnamon rolls involved, right? And, no, they’re definitely not homemade….

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Friday Date Night and Feeling Bittersweet


Not only was this past weekend awesome because it was Mother’s Day, but it was also pretty great thanks to a fun date night on Friday night and a casual Saturday spent at home. For Friday, Lucas actually went to have a sleepover with his other grandparents (after having a sleepover at my in-laws’ the…

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So…We’re Moving!


Like I mentioned on Friday, the past couple of months have really just been a whirlwind. What started as a casual, “looking into things” quickly evolved into an “oh, we’re really doing this” and that’s when the craziness began. So we started looking into a couple of different houses and home scenarios towards the end…

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Fun Facts Friday {4/24} + A Super Fun Fact!

chicken wrap

1. I’m sure I’m probably only the 500th person to mention it this week, but have you guys heard the news? Full House is officially being revived by Netflix with its new series, Fuller House! Man, that seriously brings me back…I used to want to be just like Stephanie Tanner. And does anyone else remember…

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On The Go, Go, Go!

Yikes!  Sorry guys, between last night and this morning, I have been on the GO!  So let me give you a quick recap before I run out the door again… I didn’t end up taking my BodyPump class yesterday after work as planned.  I ended up getting this wicked stomach ache that was putting me…

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