new Chobani flavors

So Many Packages

by Courtney on January 25, 2012


Holy moly, my door step has been getting quite a workout this week! Does everyone else know that it’s Birthday Week or something? Not only did I get that amazing box of Peanut Butter Cheerios, but I also found another equally amazing package waiting for me yesterday afternoon… A Chobani care package, filled with all […]


A Little of Everything

by Courtney on October 4, 2011


Well hello there, friends! Thank you all so much for your well wishes from this morning. I feel like I every time I turn around lately, I’m hitting you guys with a new change in my life. But hey, change is good, right?! Alright, so I never got a chance to fill you all in […]


Looky Looky What I Found

by Courtney on February 12, 2011


Looky looky what I found… Yesterday when I arrived home from work, I had a big ‘ol package waiting on my doorstep from none other than, Chobani! And inside…? All three of their new flavors: Black Cherry, Mango, & Lemon. Yummmmm! Thanks so much, Chobani! I’ve been waiting for quite a while now to get […]