On The Ball Pilates

No Brainer

by Courtney on July 2, 2012


Good Morning! How’d everyone’s weekend go? Can you guys even believe that we’re already into the second half of 2012? Crazy. Here’s a little peek at what was happening around here over the weekend… Rachel’s Bachelorette Party Weekend A Wrench in the Plans He Lied. A fun weekend, indeed! Breakfast Lots of good stuff happening […]


My Favorite Workout DVD’s

by Courtney on May 20, 2011


Well, this morning I was up and out the door at 4:30am to be sure to catch my flight on time; but not before saying goodbye to my favorite boys. I always hate leaving my guys…even if it is just for a couple days. I’ll be back soon! Keep your fingers crossed that I’ll be […]


No Bake Chocolate PB Chews

by Courtney on April 22, 2011


I always love hearing all of your opinions on Fashion Friday! If you haven’t yet weighed in on today’s post, make sure to go check it out. Mid-morning, after letting breakfast digest, I headed down to the treadmill for a sweat sesh. My original plan was to do this workout. However, once I got started, […]


Creamy, Dreamy Peanut Butter

by Courtney on August 10, 2010


Today is going to be another BUSY day, so I’ll have to make this a quick post! I started my morning off with a nice relaxing Pilates workout, using my On The Ball Pilates DVD. It always does an awesome job on the abs, which is what I was really in the mood to work […]


Shrimp…in my house??

by Courtney on April 13, 2010

Good Evening!!  So I had a change of plans tonight with the gym; the more I thought about it at work, I really hate going on Mondays!  It’s just SO crowded there, and to try to get a machine can take more wait time than I need!  Plus, I was also in the mood to […]