Jeggings: A “Do” Or A “Don’t”??

Happy Fashion Friday!!

Alright folks, let’s talk trends. There’s a new one on the horizon, and although celebs have been sporting it for over a year now, it appears as though its picking up popularity everywhere. Fast.



Combining the sleek silhouette of skinny jeans with the comfy stretch of cotton leggings, “Jeggings” are beginning to sprout up everywhere. Fahionistas such as Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Sienna Miller, & Whitney Port have all been seen sporting the look.

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So, you think you’re ready to jump on the bandwagon?

Give ‘em a try for cheap: Wal-Mart has a pair for only $12.00!

You can also find them for a good price at stores like Kohl’s:


Or you could make a real investment, like with this pair by Paige Premium Denim:


“Ok, I’m ready to try them out…but how do I wear them?”

Jeggings really can work for any body shape, and any age; it’s just all in how you style the outfit.

Here’s a few tips for a classic, yet stylish “jegging” look:

  • Balance with bulk on top. This will make the legs appear thinner, by balancing out the thin bottom silhouette with more fabric on top.
  • Accentuate your waist with a belt. It helps break up the fabric, while also showcasing your curves.
  • Try knee-high boots. This is great for someone who still isn’t totally comfortable sporting the whole “look” since the boots help break up the bottom half.
  • LAYER, LAYER, LAYER. Think tanks, more tanks, finished off with a fitted blazer. Totally classic.
  • Always cover the waistband with fabric. Since they’re usually elastic, you’re not going to want to be flashing that off.
  • Keep the intensity up top. A simple pair of jeggings will look great with a fun top, extra accessories, or extra layers.

I, personally, have yet to jump the bandwagon and do not yet own a pair of jeggings. I want to physically try on a pair before I decide for myself whether they’re a “DO” or a “DON’T”. So, let’s see what YOU guys think:

What’s YOUR take on the jeggings trend? Are they a “DO” or a “DON’T”??