Getting Paid To Buy Booze?

Sooooo, remember when I last told you guys about our Christmas Tree issues?

Well, after searching every single possible bulb, fuse, and plug…

The ornaments came down.


The tree was disassembled.


Put back into its box and brought back to exchange.


Talk about a pain in the butt, right? I know that it was only one strand and wasn’t *too* noticeable, but once Jay and I saw that the strand was out, it was literally all we could see every time we looked at the tree.

So now, we have another new tree. With 100% working lights!


Round 2 of tree decorating will begin later today. Oooof.


Yesterday afternoon, Jay and I also made it a point to go out and support Small Business Saturday. Did anyone else show their support?


Basically, Small Business Saturday is the day to celebrate the Shop Small movement to get consumers to local merchants across the U.S.

Jay and I both got word that as American Express cardholders, we would receive a $25.00 credit on our statement if we made a purchase of at least $25.00 at a participating small local business. All we had to do was register our cards ahead of time and then go out and make the purchase so really, what was there to lose, right?

So you want to know where we shopped local and what we bought?

Okay, okay. We are going to sound totally boozy right now, so no judging allowed. We headed on over to one of our favorite local wine & liquor stores, All Star Wine, and both spent our $25.00 credits on some booze.


We got two flavors of Pinnacle Vodka, one whipped and one cake. We have yet to come across one that we don’t love (chocolate whipped, cherry whipped, and orange are all amazing) and I really, really want to try the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor.

We also bought a couple bottles of wine and a bottle of Cruzan Coconut rum.


I love me some coconut rum. I also love basically getting paid to buy stuff. Pretty awesome if you ask me! Thanks, American Express! Smile


I don’t know what was up with me, but I slept wayyyyy too long last night. I ended up passing out on the couch around 11:00pm, and Jay finally came in around 8:45am this morning to wake me up. Almost 10 hours of sleep in one night, for me, is a recipe for grogginess alllll day long today. Good thing it’s going to be a relaxing day.

This morning, I awoke to a warm pot of coffee awaiting me, and a hubby who was volunteering to cook pancakes for breakfast. Ummm, does it GET much better than this?


Check out these pancakes, my friends. That right there is some leftover Pumpkin Pie spread right over the top of my ‘cakes, along with some maple syrup.


I only have three words for you: Do This Now. Smile

While we were getting breakfast ready, Cody was lurking around, being vocal as ever, and we thought maybe it was his way of saying that he wanted in on the pancake action…


So we made him a Cody-sized pancake.


Turns out he wasn’t making all his noise about pancakes after all. Winking smile


Today, I’ll be working on getting the tree re-decorated, packaging up the cookies for my bloggers in the Cookie Swap (the cookies turned out awesome!), lots of studying, and making a batch of leftover Turkey & Veggie Soup. Yum!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Questions for the Morning:

Do you feel groggy after you sleep for too long in one night?

If you’re a liquor drinker, what are your favorites?