A Nice Little Sunday

I’m feeling like a woman of few words this evening, so here’s a little recap of my Sunday.



A plain Chobani mixed with some leftover fruit salsa.


An amazing Coconut Chai Savvy Scone that I got in my “doggy bag” from yesterday’s brunch.



Hommus + tomato sandwich on a whole wheat Arnold’s Sandwich Thin


A few handfuls of leftover Kettle Corn (as well as an undocumented granola blondie & a peach throughout the afternoon)


Home Renovations

Remember earlier when I said I had a “TO-DO” list for the house? Well, Jay got to work on one of the items today: Taking down the rotting screened in porch. It really was a great porch, but unfortunately, we had thousands of carpenter ants who were enjoying it a whole lot more than we were. Eventually, we hope to rebuild it again, but for now, it’ll just mean a larger back patio. 8-)


Hi Jay!!”



You guys might not know that the house that Jay and I live in is actually my grandparents’ old house. My grandpa & his brother in-law built the house themselves, so it holds very special meaning in my heart to be living here. I grew up coming to this house, so it’s so neat to have so many earlier memories, and know that there’s so many more yet to come. :)

I was quite amazed when Jay came to show me a little something that he found in the roof of the porch:

My old pair of adjustable roller skates!! First of all, I was dumbfounded with the fact that they were hiding in the roof, but secondly, it was so cool to find these little guys again. Brought me down memory lane for sure.



I was lacking the desire to run today, or to attempt any other sort of workout. But while I was sitting out in my lounge chair reading through my Self magazine, I came across a fun pool workout!



I always forget about just how great pool workouts really can be. I got a great workout for my abs, arms, shoulders, back, & beeeehind. :)


The grill was fired up tonight!

Some grilled sweet potato rounds


Grilled red peppers, yellow squash, zucchini & sun-dried tomatoes, with a crumbled MorningStar Farms veggie burger.


A failed attempt at grilled romaine lettuce. (I saw a recipe in a magazine that included grilled romaine – sounded good at the time, but I would not recommend it. It gets rather soggy and oddly textured.) :(




Evening Relaxation

Jay and I are spending the rest of our evening on the couch, watching “Bounty Hunter” which we’re ordering On Demand.

Oops, gotta hurry, the movie’s starting!

Question of the Night:

What was the BEST part of your weekend??