Summing Up Sunday


You guys are all so great. Thanks so much for all of your congrats and well wishes on our little baby BOY on the way! We are obviously ecstatic, and were so excited to share the news with everyone. For those of you who kept asking to see the middle of those cupcakes from last…

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Top 5 Favorite Anti-Super Bowl Recipes

Alright ladies (and maybe gents), I know there’s some of you out there… I want you to raise your hand if you, a) couldn’t care less about the Super Bowl b) don’t like football c) need something to do this evening while your man is glued to the tube. Well if you answered YES to…

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Give Us The Full Class

Well, helloooo Monday. Good morning, everybody. How was your weekend? Do anything fun? I don’t know about you, but I had nice, low-key but busy weekend, enjoyed lots of good food, and got in a couple great workouts, too. Here’s what ya may have missed: Nice Little Sunday Suckers for Samples 20 Minute “Give It…

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Interesting Craving


So remember yesterday when I told you all that I didn’t pack a dinner to bring to work and just figured that I would either eat something when I got home or grab something while I was out? Well last night, that was bad news. I didn’t end up getting home until a little after…

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