All Bets Are Off


Good Morning! Happy Friday! Happy Black Friday! (Did anyone go out shopping? We did not…yet.) Happy “It’s Officially Okay for Courtney to Start Blaring Christmas Music At All Times” Day! I was actually really proud of myself this year; with the seemingly early start to celebrating the Christmas season, I have refrained from listening to…

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Is Anyone Watching This?


Hey guys and gals! Sorry for no post last night… By the time I got home around 8pm, I still hadn’t eaten dinner and I was just in need of some “me” time. No computers allowed. So I changed into my cozies, grabbed the dinner I didn’t get a chance to eat at work (a…

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Ending My Month-Long Hiatus

After a little bit lazy and a little bit social weekend, it was time to get back into the swing of things this morning. But first, here’s what you may have missed: Jacks Turns One My Judging Debut Top 4 Apple Recipes So with the challenge officially being over (more on that a little later)…

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Mosquito Magnet


Yesterday’s wedding was such a great time! We headed down to the Cairo area yesterday afternoon for Jay’s cousin Stephen and his (now) wife Tiffany’s wedding. It was a short, intimate ceremony, and I loved seeing the two of them with ear to ear smiles the entire time. Congratulations, Steve & Tiffany! Although the wedding…

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