The Past Two Days

Well it has been a really great weekend so far, I must say.

First, we had the wedding on Friday, which was obviously a blast.

Then on Saturday evening, we had some friends over to help finish the back deck (it’s gone!) and ended the evening with a bbq and a bonfire.

And Octoberfest. Because it’s officially September now, so I can fully justify it. Winking smile

Jay is actually the one who decided to pick it up the other night when we stopped at Trader Joe’s…we just waited to dive in until the time was right.

Yesterday, I enjoyed a bit of lazy time in the morning, followed by this great walk on the treadmill plus a few easy abs moves. After that, we headed out to celebrate this little guy’s first birthday, and then spent the rest of our day up on Saratoga Lake.

It was a beautiful day, so we split our time between the boat, playing the most epic game ever of cornhole, and enjoying time with family.

I took the entire past two days off from the camera and decided to just embrace the weekend (thank you to Jay, who used his Instagram a few times!). I think for those of us who do blog pretty consistently that it’s so great to take some time off now and then, to just live in the now…instead of behind the lens. Ya know? Smile


This morning, I woke up and immediately put on a pot of coffee while I got some breakfast ready. Empty peanut butter jar in the house…you know what THAT means.


OIAJ, baby! But not just any oats in a jar…


Can ya tell? Can ya?


It’s now September. If you read this old post, you’ll know what’s happenin’ up in there. (going back and reading old posts like that always make me laugh and cringe at the same time)

A couple quick things…

  • Many of you asked where I get my cupcake boxes. I get them from a local store but they also have a website you can order from called Confectionery House.
      • To hold one dozen cupcakes, I use THIS BOX and THIS INSERT.
      • My store also has boxes that hold two dozen cupcakes, but I couldn’t find those on the website.
  • I know I still owe you guys a full wedding recap, and a lemon cupcake recipe. They’ll be headed your way this week.

But for now, I’m off to go enjoy the rest of my long weekend…hopefully you’re all doing the same!

The Finished Product

Do you guys remember a couple of weeks ago when Jay and I bought ourselves a new front door? Well, I realized this morning that I still haven’t shown you guys the finished product.

So here’s the before:


It was an old, wooden door, that had since expanded due to weather and was actually quite a challenge to open and shut (we usually use our garage door as our main entrance anyways – probably because that’s how we did it when my grandparents lived here).


So last week, I left one morning with Jay and his dad here, having it look like this…


And then I came home to find it looking like THIS!


I seriously still walk into the living room every morning and cannot believe the difference it makes in the room. It’s so much brighter now, thanks to the morning sun that we get in the front of our house.

Before & After:


It’s definitely one of my favorite home improvement projects to date; well, except of course, for that whole big kitchen renovation. Would you believe that a year ago at this time, I had a kitchen that looked like this:

Good lord that was not fun. But hey, totally worth it in the end. Smile



Today started off with a light, mish-mashed workout from Exercise TV, focusing on a little bit of everything:

This particular yoga video was new to me, and I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about it. The instructor was much different from the usual, calm, lightly-spoken instructors that I’m used to; he seemed to have a little more fun with it and kept the moves moving constantly the entire time. My final verdict by the end was that I liked it, but not for all the time.


I had to switch it up today. I needed a day off from the eggs, and since I knew this last night, I went ahead and prepped a batch of Voluminous Pumpkin Oats. And then, since I had an almost-empty peanut butter jar just waiting to be used up, I turned it into some pumpkin oats in a jar.


I really think that today may have been one of the best, creamiest batches I’ve made to date. I’m thinking that the extra splash of Silk Pumpkin Spice may have done the trick. Oooo my oh my!


Today’s batch got topped with some raisins, a little Love Grown Foods granola, and paired with my typical mug of coffee.


A delicious and filling morning meal indeed!

Alrighty folks, it’s about time to go do the work thang. I’ll catch ya’ll a little later…I’ve got to share some of my fun Thanksgiving crafts that I did yesterday. Winking smile

**Reminder: Don’t forget to get your entries in for my Perfect Holiday Gift Giveaway! I’ll be announcing the winner tomorrow.**

Questions for the Morning:

Oats: In a jar, or out of a jar?

What do you think would be harder on convenience: remodeling a kitchen OR remodeling a bathroom?

Have you ever remodeled anything in your own home?