Picking Up Where We Left Off Before Reebok

I’m baaaaaack!

After a fun (but way too quick) day and a half away, I’m now back home at the ‘ol stompin grounds. It’s always nice to be back home, but I can’t lie…I really wish I didn’t have to cancel and was able to join some of my favorite ladies for the remainder of this awesome weekend away…I’ll be there in spirit, girls!

SO. I feel like I have quite a bit to catch you guys up on, but I think I’m going to save most of the Reebok details until tomorrow or Monday, since I’ve got quite a bit to do today and still need to sort through everything.

But I can give you a quick recap of Thursday evening and a few sneak peek pics!

On Thursday afternoon, I arrived at my hotel in Quincy, MA. It was actually the same hotel that I stayed at the last time I visited Reebok, so my room was basically the same thing (aka, super awesome). After spending some time getting settled into the hotel, some of the other girls started to arrive and we headed out for dinner at a local pub.

I only took one photo of my food that night, so the rest of these photos come courtesy of the lovely Kelly. I think we had about 12 or 13 of us at dinner, but I only found pics of a few of us…

Ericka, Julie, and Anne

Heather & Jess

And me & Tina

We were all at dinner for quite a while before ordering, so it was a great opportunity to spend some time catching up. It’s crazy, really, how there can be so much time in between seeing some of these girls, yet we have no problem picking up where we left off. So much fun!

For dinner, I ended up ordering (what I think was) the Chicken Torta sandwich. It was really good, but they totally robbed me of the avocado. Booo.


Then again, that awesome mound of sweet potato fries kinda made up for that.

Everyone was pretty wiped from their travels, so once dinner was over, we all headed back to the hotel and crashed; especially since we had an early morning and a busy day ahead of us!

(recycled photo – the leaves weren’t all that green this time around) Winking smile

Here’s a few more photos (Instagram photos courtesy of Kelly) from part of the day…


Do any of my CrossFit fans out there recognize anyone awesome in the photo below? Winking smile

Alright friends, I’m off to go get some cleaning and grocery shopping done for now. Happy weekend!

No WOD For Me

Oh man…I feel like I have so much to catch you all up on. I have a little bit of time before heading out for dinner tonight, so let’s see how much we can get through!

First off, would you guys check out this view?


This is actually the view that we have from our hotel room and is it not just awesome? The Hyatt Regency has really been absolutely great and super accommodating for everything that we’ve needed for this weekend’s conference.


So this morning I had planned on getting up and possibly walking along the river, but my alarm never went off so that didn’t happen. Apparently it was raining anyways, so I’ll take the extra sleep anyway.

Things got started nice and early this morning…


With lots of vendors to scope out before breakfast started.





Oh, heyyyy Reebok!


Reebok actually provided all of the attendees with a fresh pair of Reebok sneakers. Check out my new kicks!


Love ‘em.

For breakfast, we had a ton of delicious options, courtesy of Wild Harvest.


I basically grabbed a little bit of everything.


Half of a banana nut muffin, a yogurt parfait, fresh fruit, Greek omelet, and a potato and asparagus casserole (pictured on the right) that was absolutely delicious. I could have eaten that times about 20.


The parfait was really delicious too. So many great flavors.



After breakfast, it was time for a little CrossFit action.


Aren’t these girls so cute?


Everyone seemed super psyched to get started on the WOD for today. Everyone also seemed pretty psyched about the trainers that Reebok sent to lead the workout. Winking smile


Although my experience with CrossFit is limited (but SUPER FUN), I just love how the instructors really seem to take the time to explain everything and make sure that everyone is maintaining proper form. So, so important!


The actual WOD was only about five minutes long, which included a ton of squats and jumps…


I, however, watched from afar and sported my Reebok headband in spirit.


I really wanted to join in, and looking back I probably could have since the workout wasn’t too intense. But I’m still happy with my decision to stick with my low-impact stuff for now. In time…I’ll be back. Winking smile

Alright…gotta go get ready…I’ve got a special dinner tonight with Chobani and some other lovely ladies!

How’s everyone’s weekend going so far?!?

Reebok + CrossFit, Part 1

I’m so excited to finally be able to share my fun adventures from Reebok with you guys today! But first…a quick catch-up on what you may have missed over the weekend:

Alright, I think it’s about time we get to some of the fun from this past week’s FitFluential ambassador event at Reebok World Headquarters.


First things first…breakfast.

Before heading over to Reebok on Friday morning, a group of us met up in the lobby of the hotel for some breakfast, but we also had another delicious treat waiting for us…Marylou’s iced coffees!


I’ve been seeing Tina rave about this stuff for quite some time now, and since we were in the area, she graciously offered to pick up some of her favorite Peanut Butter Wonderful iced coffees for us.


The verdict? Well, let’s just say that she hasn’t been kidding. Those things were unbelievable. But more so in a “this tastes like a peanut butter chocolate milk” sort of way; I honestly couldn’t taste that much coffee…but that was a-okay by me. Winking smile

While we waited for the shuttle to come and pick us up, we quickly grabbed some breakfast in the hotel. I ordered the egg white frittata, which came with some pretty tasty hash browns.


I also split a $4.00 side order of fruit with Julie. Yep, that was four dollars right there.


Breakfast was definitely good, but it was a bit pricey. Ahh well, what are ya gonna do, right? Besides, I had more exciting things to think about…

Helloooo, Reebok!


As we entered the building and walked through the hallways of this incredible place, I couldn’t help but be amazed by all that was around me.


As I mentioned before, this facility was honestly like nothing I’d ever seen before. Not only gigantic, but clean, modern, and full of friendliness and energy. Every single person that I came in contact with, from our group presenters to the greeter at the front desk, to the employees in the Reebok store were professional, friendly, and welcoming.


I mean how awesome would it be to say that you come here to work everyday?


You can definitely tell that they have a really good thing going here, and even more impressive is the fact that their community has lost more than 4,000 pounds over this last year. How motivating and inspiring is that, right?!?

We eventually made it up to our “home base,” a small brand room located upstairs, which was filled with some of the latest Reebok footwear and apparel, as well as a few ‘top secret’ items.


The morning started with a few very well-organized PowerPoint presentations led by Reebok’s marketing manager, Johnice Graham.


Johnice explained how Reebok is looking to portray their brand to consumers, and with their recent partnership with CrossFit, they are aiming to be the “face of fitness.” I’ll tell ya…after walking around their facility all day, it was VERY evident that that is their intent.

After our morning PowerPoint session, it was time to head to our first workout for the day…the one that I had been anxious about all week long…CrossFit!


I’m sure by now, many of you have heard about the craze that is CrossFit, because it’s growing rapidly. In the past five years, there’s been over 2,500 boxes that have opened, and around 70,000 individuals competing in the CrossFit Games. If it hasn’t caught on near you yet, then I’m sure it will soon!

When we arrived, our group was given a little overview from coaches Austin Malleolo and Caleb Diebolt. Austin, who actually placed 6th in the 2010 CrossFit Games(!), explained how CrossFit workouts are always focused on three things: constantly varied, high intensity, and functional movement.


The workouts themselves are usually short, typically 20 minutes or less, and are easily scalable to fit the needs of any fitness level; for a group of newbies like ourselves, I’m pretty sure we all felt a bit of relief on that one!

Our workout for the day was held in the CrossFit One gym, or “box” as they’re called.


Since I’d never been in any other CrossFit boxes before, I didn’t have much to compare it to, but I can tell you that this box was quite impressive and immediately motivating.


At the end of our brief overview, Austin gave us our WOD (workout of the day): With a partner, we were to complete a 200 meter run (each), 45 kettlebell swings (combined), and 24 pull-ups (combined), repeated for three rounds.


Before starting our WOD though, Austin and Caleb made sure to give us a thorough overview of correct form on all of the exercises that we’d be doing, including bodyweight squats, kettlebell swings, and pull-ups using a resistance band. I’m so glad that they did this because safety always come first!


Me practicing my kettlebell swing. Winking smile



Learning how to do pull-ups with the band.


Once we were all briefed on how to do each of the exercises, we split into our teams and got started on our WOD. Julie and I teamed up and I immediately felt at ease since both of us were a) newbies, and b) going into the workout without any expectations.

We cheered each other on as we went, and as we continued through the workout, we began to notice that we were actually doing much better than anticipated.


Then, all of a sudden this happened…

photo from Julie

We came in first place! Who woulda thought?!?


Honestly, the workout was SO much more fun that I had thought it’d be. I’ve always been fairly competitive, but it’s been quite a while since I’ve participated in something where that competitive edge comes in to play. I could definitely feel my adrenaline pumping as we moved from one exercise to the next, and I was totally feeding off the energy of everyone else around me.


We had a pretty badass group. Winking smile


I know that I have a few local CrossFit locations near me, and I’m really considering going to check them out…perhaps I can even get the hubs to come and join me?!?

Once we finished our workout, it was time to head back up to “home base” to continue on with the rest of our day, but I was certainly not expecting to have a bag of goodies waiting…


Oh, you haven’t heard? Shorts over capris is the new thing.


Okay, I lied. It’s totally not. BUT, I will tell you that this pair of Reebok Vibe Tech Shorts is probably one of the ONLY pairs I have ever tried on and immediately felt comfortable in. Not too tight (aka, no muffin tops), but not too loose either. They are awesome.

In fact, ALL of the apparel I got to wear throughout the day was super comfortable:


I’ll get into the details of the sneakers a bit more in my next recap…along with some other fun details that I’m pretty positive you’re going to want to read about. Winking smile

Sneak Peek at Reebok

Oh my gosh. I have SO much to share with you guys about my day at Reebok today!

Unfortunately though, I am wiped with a capital W, and I’m about to board my flight back home (yippee!), so I’m gonna go ahead and give ya a quick little teaser…

The Reebok World Headquarters is absolutely amazing.


It’s like nothing I’ve ever been in before.


The people there are all not only beyond nice and accommodating, but also incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the Reebok brand.



But even more fun than that?


My partner and I TOTALLY ROCKED it in CrossFit.


Oh my gosh, so so so much fun!


Lots more details to come SOON! Smile