Fun Facts Friday {1/16}

1. It has been a long time since I’ve had such busy evenings during the work week. I feel like all I want to do this weekend now is lay on my couch in my cozies. I’m so old…

2. On Wednesday, I had my company kickoff meeting/party which was a blast. The evening started with a meeting, followed by cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing. There were also some casino tables to go with the “Speakeasy” theme of the party, but I didn’t wind up doing any gambling (there was no real money involved). Instead, I drank wine, ate food, hung out with co-worker friends, and let my wine buzz take me out to the dance floor.


Oh, and there were mini desserts, so of course it was a great night.


3. On Thursday, I had Girls’ Night which was MUCH anticipated! We haven’t really gotten together just the girls since we all went to see Gone Girl back in October. Umm…three months is WAY too long!

We all hit up one of my favorite spots, Bombers (which I‘ve been to numerous times), and enjoyed our fair share of burritos, nachos, and margaritas. Mmmm mmmm.



4. On Wednesday night, I went to bed craving donuts. On Thursday morning, I woke up still craving donuts. So on my way to work on Thursday, I got donuts.


Noooo, I didn’t eat them ALL…I did share some. But I didn’t let anyone touch my blueberry cake donut. ;)

5. A couple of weeks (months?) ago, I bought myself a new pair of Reebok sneakers, and I am totally loving them. I bought the YourFlex Trainette 5.0 and they are some seriously comfortable shoes.


They’ve been working out great for the workouts these days!

I also just recently bought Lucas a new pair, since he’s just about to outgrow his current pair.


I bought him these, and they are really just too adorable. Plus, I totally love how these don’t have full laces like his last ones. SO much easier to get on/off!


And, in case you’re wondering what the heck he’s doing on our kitchen floor, the child gets super excited when the heat kicks on from the vent under the sink. Hilarious.

6. Did you guys see the photo I posted on Instagram yesterday? I swear, T-Rex jokes never, ever get old.

7. Another good quote from my desk calendar this week.


Heck YES I do.

8. I feel like I’m totally in limbo with my workouts lately. Part of me winds up craving something super sweaty and intense, but the other part of me wants something with a little less impact and intense in a different way (like PiYo). Lately, I’ve kinda just been “winging” it when it comes to my workouts, but I think I may try to extend the whole weekly organization thing to include not just meals, but workouts too.

Right now, I’m thinking maybe I’ll aim for 3 days of more intense (like my T25 videos…OR, have you guys seen this Insanity Max: 30?! It seems, well, insane) and 2 days of something low impact like PiYo or yoga. What do ya think…do any of you guys plan your workouts for the week, or do you just go for it?

Alright guys, I’m off for today! Hope you all have a fantastic Friday and a fun weekend ahead! I’ll try to pop back in on Sunday with some meal prepping. ;)

This Post Has a Little Bit of Everything {Giveaway CLOSED}

Absolutely amazing. There’s no other way to describe it.


Yesterday afternoon, we had our final ultrasound and weekly prenatal appointment. I was so excited for it ALL day but was curious to see whether or not Baby Tooth would even cooperate on the ultrasound. Well, as you can see, he certainly cooperated. Those cheeks! Those lips!

Everything went great at the appointment, and here’s a few fun facts:

  • Baby Tooth is in the 50th percentile for weight and is “guesstimated” to be about 6lbs 14oz right now – if he goes to 40 weeks, that would put him anywhere between high 7’s and low 8lbs.
  • He’s still head down, but face up (I think part of the reason we got such good shots of him!). The doc said they prefer face down, but she didn’t seem worried about it at all.
  • He has hair! The tech showed us the fuzzy part that was basically “floating in the fluid,” and she also informed us that he has “old man hair” – aka, not much on top, but a lot more around the rim of the head. This made both of us laugh, and I later found out after talking to my mom that both me and my brother had this when we were born. Who knew?!
  • He’s quite scrunched up in there – the ultrasound showed at one point that he had one hand above his head, and his other hand was holding on to his little foot that was curled up into his body. It was adorable. And crazy. He also stuck his tongue out at us numerous times…little stinker. ;)
  • I’m not dilated at all yet, but apparently my cervix is quite thin and he is very low…I’ll take that as a good sign!

So after our appointment yesterday, I’m pretty sure the two of us were just on Cloud 9. Not that we weren’t excited before, but after seeing such a “real” shot of him, we’re just so anxious and ready to finally meet him. We left the appointment and headed down the street to one of our favorite sub places (DiBella’s) to get some dinner.


The subs at DiBella’s are enormous, and totally delicious. Jay and I decided to go halvsies on a couple since we couldn’t decide between the two (Chicken Philly and Chicken BLT) and believe it or not, we each got a small sub. Yes, they’re smalls. I’m pretty sure their larges could feed a small army.

I was originally thinking I might be able to con him into going to see a movie afterward, but we both decided we had stuff to do at home and are saving the movie for the weekend. So we trekked it back home, and were greeted with a doorstep full of goodies!

A box of “mystery” flavors from Chobani. SO excited to dig in and try to figure out what the flavors are…


My new lens for my camera! Our friends Brook and Andrea have this lens and they take absolutely beautiful photos of their little ones. It’s quite a bit different from the lenses I currently have, so I think it might take some getting used to.


But I’ll just keep practicing with one of my favorite subjects for right now. ;)


Shortly after getting home, I suddenly found myself with a little extra energy, so I decided to take advantage and hit the treadmill for a walk.


You guys like my new kicks? I just got them a little over a week ago from my friends at Reebok and I’m already loving them.


They’re the Reebok ONE Series Cushion, and they actually aren’t even available until July 1st. But for those of you who may be in the market for some new shoes soon, here’s a little info for ya…

The shoe is built in 3 zones that address the specific needs of your foot as it moves through the gait cycle: heel strike, midstance, and toe-off.  The different zones have corresponding densities in the midsole of the shoe and there are different materials in the upper.  For example, you need more rigid, structured support around your heel but you need more breathable, flexible material in the forefoot.  

The Reebok ONE Series Cushion is a shoe built for neutral runners.  This means people who do not over-pronate.

For those people who do over-pronate and need a little more stability, we have the Reebok ONE Series Guide.  The Guide is built the same way as the Cushion except for the fact that the Guide has a denser foam in the medial side of the midsole (under the arch of your feet) to help support the foot and help correct mild overpronation.

You can find them at

Pretty snazzy, right? Although I still think my favorite shoe from Reebok is the Real Flex Transitions, these are definitely a close second. Light, comfy, and cute, to boot!

So after I finished up my walk, I headed back upstairs, only to be greeted by my crazy little furball doing acrobatics on the stairs.


Little guy cracked me right up.

And now, since this post is thoroughly ALL over the place, I figured why not end it on another little bit of a tangent…with a giveaway!

I’ve recently been the lucky recipient of quite a few “Love Drops” from Love Grown Foods, and I’m having a hard time keeping up. So I figured, rather than hoard all the goodies for myself, I’m gonna give some away a box of ALL FIVE FLAVORS to a lucky STSL reader. :)


To enter for a chance to win the box of “Love,” simply leave a comment on this post about something positive, nice, and fun. We all can always use a little extra positivity in our day anyways, right? Let’s spread some love of our own today! <–cheeseball alert, I know ;)

Reebok Leggings Giveaway {CLOSED}

How about a little giveaway action to round out the month of April?

Yeah, I thought you guys might be cool with that…especially since it’s courtesy of my friends at Reebok!


As per usual, thanks to my partnership with both Reebok and FitFluential, I received some brand-spankin’ new products this past month to test out and review.

Well, the first time I got them shipped to me, I accidentally got the wrong size so I had to send them back. Then I got the correct sizes and had to take some time to test them all out, so my review is coming, well, pretty close to the end of the month, huh?

I know these particular pieces may not look as super bright and flashy as some of their previous tops and bottoms, but I can assure you…these are all top notch, solid pieces. Check ‘em out!

1. PWR Seamless Long Bra Top from the Reebok ONE Apparel Collection.


This top features moisture-wicking PlayDry technology and wide straps with a built-in bra for extra support.


It also has some great ventilation in the back for breathability…and although none of my workouts are super strenuous these days, I’m sure I’ll appreciate that extra breathability even more once I’m back at it. Winking smile


As with just about every single top that I’ve gotten from Reebok, I really do love it. The length is nice and long and even still fits perfectly over that growing bump of mine.


And while I’m usually not a fan of built-in bras in my workout tops (I usually wear a sports bra anyways), I’m actually finding these pretty darn comfy at the moment.

2. PWR Fitted Capri from the Reebok ONE Apparel Collection.


These capris are great. They feature a nice, wide waistband and their signature PlayDry technology.


These babies were definitely staying in place during my walks and Pilates action.

3. The PWR Legging from the Reebok ONE Apparel Collection.


These leggings are great and feature fitted cuffs that help keep everything in place while you’re working out. I can attest to this…they definitely do stay put!

Aaaaaand…they still fit fairly comfortably under the bump.


Although I’m not sure just how long they’re going to be that comfy under there. Winking smile

So for this month, Reebok has offered to give away TWO pairs of their super popular leggings to two lucky STSL readers! (Open to US residents only)

Up for grabs? A pair of PWR leggings both in black AND in print.

reebok fitted legging blackreebok fitted legging print

Honestly, the printed leggings just weren’t for me, so I opted for the basic black. However, I know many of you out there are ALL about the printed leggings, so keep on rockin’ those puppies like they’re meant to be!

To Enter: Leave a comment on this post telling me one of your workout goals for the month of May.

I’ll choose two random winners on Thursday, May 2nd. Good Luck! Smile

A Reebok Fitness Experience, Part 2

Hey hey, happy Monday to you all! Did everyone have a great weekend? I know I did…especially because it included a whole lot of these two guys.

Love my boys. Smile

Here’s a quick recap of everything else that was happening this weekend…

And now, let’s finish up where we left off with Reebok!

After completing the WOD, we headed back and got ready for another training product presentation. By this point, my hunger was really starting to kick in, so I was incredibly thankful for the bags of trail mix they had available for us.


The presentation was held in yet another room that was filled with all sorts of new and upcoming products for 2013 (SO cute!!) so we couldn’t take too many photos. I did manage, however, to snag a photo of the wall full of travel workout cards.


The presentation itself included a ton of useful information on how various sneakers of theirs are designed, including the Real Flex Fusion TR and the CrossFit Nano 2.0.

The Real Flex Fusion TR, which is seen below, is a training shoe designed for natural movement with stability. I’ve used this shoe for everything from walking, to running, to strength training, and it really is a great shoe.

Our presenter explained how some of the multi-directional flex nodes on the bottom of this shoe have now been stretched (the black nodes) to allow for more natural motion as your run, jump and stretch.

The CrossFit Nano 2.0, seen below, is most often used for CrossFit, due to its low profile platform (not as much cushioning, lower to the ground). While I originally thought these shoes were really just for CrossFit, we learned that they are actually quite a versatile shoe, and are quite efficient for transitioning in workouts.

I had the chance to try on a pair while I was there and I must say that I really liked the feel of them. I’d be interested to try them out in a workout at some point (plus, they’re super cute!).

After the presentation, we split into two groups (guys and gals) for lunch and focus groups. The lunch spread was quite impressive, and included all sorts of paleo-friendly food items.


You guys know I’m not paleo, but this was one heck of a lunch! I filled up a salad with all sorts of veggies, chicken, and steak, and also included a sweet potato wedge and a paleo cookie on the side.


Everything was incredible, and I totally went back for another cookie. Winking smile

The focus group was probably one of my favorite parts of the day, because it allowed us to really share all of our honest feedback about the products, whether it be positive or negative. Most of us were in agreement on a lot of things (we love the thumbholes in the long sleeves…we like wider waistbands on pants…) and it was really cool to see how receptive they were and actually took all of our opinions into consideration.

After the focus group, we had one other running product discussion and then it was time to break for a group trail run. But since I’m not running these days, I stayed behind with a few others and had some fun browsing around in the Reebok store…so much fun!!!

As I mentioned yesterday, we were all given a bag filled with some goodies, so let me first share those with you…


My favorite out of these had to be the top. It was super flattering on, soft, cozy, and well…it even included more thumbholes. Winner.


Cody was all over that bag as soon as I unloaded it on Friday night. Winking smile


While I was in the store, I also made a few other purchases, thanks to a very generous gift card provided by Reebok.


For myself, I picked up a pair of these Heather Plush Pants, which are actually the same fleece pants as the black ones I received last month. I love them so much, I just had to get another pair!


I also bought myself this Versacool Speed Step Fleece Jacket, which I LOVE. Wore this all day yesterday, actually.


I also picked up a couple things for Jay – one he already got, but I’m saving the other for Christmas. Winking smile

WHEW! So there’s the rest of my recap from my day at Reebok on Friday. Honestly you guys, the place…the people…the products…I just love them all (and you know that I’d tell you if I felt otherwise). I am PUMPED about some of the things that they have in store for holiday 2012 and later in 2013…let’s just say that they’re going to have something for everyone.

I’ll finish up with a quick thank you to everyone who helped make our experience at Reebok a fun and successful ones; and to my fellow FitFluential Ambassadors, for making the day just that much more enjoyable!

Question for the Morning:

What sort of things do you look for in fitness apparel? (i.e., certain fabrics, waistbands, fits, length, etc…)

A Reebok Fitness Experience, Part 1 {CrossFit}

Ok, seriously. This past Friday’s trip to Reebok HQ was absolutely incredible. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit not once, but twice within this past year. And believe it or not, this trip was just as great, if not better than the first. I’ve got a long post here, so grab a drink and settle in!

This trip, dubbed the Reebok Fitness Experience, was a bit different than my previous visit; while the first trip focused a bit more on the technology of their products and how they’re made, this trip gave us the opportunity to visit Reebok CrossFit ONE, check out some of their latest footwear and apparel, and learn about the inspiration behind the products. Aka, awesomeness.

When we first arrived on Friday morning, there was some breakfast available for us to have while we chatted amongst each other and got caught up with some of the great people from Reebok.


Julie, Anne, and I drove over together from the hotel together so grabbed a quick photo before heading in.


I actually got so caught up in talking with everyone that I never really got a chance to grab more than a coffee for breakfast. Luckily I had eaten a muffin in my hotel room before leaving, and surprisingly enough, it held me over for quite a while.

The morning started off with an opening presentation in the FitHub, where we all had some amazing little bags waiting for us (I’ll show ya what was inside down below!).


During the presentation, I started thinking a lot about Reebok, not only as a product, but as a company. Now, I don’t want you all to think I’m gushing over this company just because they invited me to visit their facilities; that is probably the farthest thing from the truth because I’ll tell ya…the more I learn about this company, the more I love them.

Reebok employees roughly 1000 people in their beautiful facility (you can see a few more photos of that HERE), and it’s very obvious that they care greatly about health and fitness (at least 70% of their employees work out regularly, and more than half of them are members of the CrossFit ONE box). Knowing that a company who wants to empower people to be fit for life is practicing what the preach really makes an impact on me as an outsider and a consumer.

Unfortunately, I don’t have too many photos from our presentations during the day, because most of the rooms were not “photo friendly” (aka, they were filled with all sorts of products that won’t be available until at least 2013). Can I tell you just how cool it was to be surrounded by products that nobody else has seen yet?!? And let me just say…there is some AWESOME stuff to come.

After our first presentation of the morning, we walked over to the Reebok CrossFit ONE box to get our WOD (workout of the day) on.


You guys know I don’t have a lot of experience when it comes to different CrossFit boxes, but MAN, this box is immediately motivating as soon as you walk through the doors.



Me and my previous winning partner, Julie.


We started things out with a thorough overview of our WOD, by CrossFit ONE head coach, Austin Malleolo.


One of the coolest parts of the WOD, as I alluded to yesterday, was that we had some pretty special people with us for the day. Amongst them were Christy Phillips (11th Fittest Woman), Julie Foucher (2nd Fittest Woman) and Anne Marie McKay.

(photo courtesy of Jess)

Would you guys believe that Anne Marie is 74 years old?! She’s Reebok’s oldest employee and also happens to be an avid CrossFitter. How crazy cool is that?!

Along with the ladies, we also had some guys in the house…CrossFit Games & Reebok athlete Spencer Hendel (13th overall), coach James Hobart and coach Jared Davis.

(photo courtesy of Jess)

Once the introductions were taken care of, we went over some basics on proper form…

(photo courtesy of Jess)

And one we had the form down, it was time to rock and roll! It was a team WOD made up of three people; two of us FitFluential ambassadors and one CrossFit athlete.

Team WOD:
Run 200m each (relay)
150 Thrusters (45#/30# dumb bells)
100 Chest-to-bar pull-ups
50 Box Jumps (30″/24″)
Run 200m each (relay)

1 person works
1 person holds 115 lbs (overhead/at shoulders)
1 person rests
* If the bar hits the ground, 10 burpees for each person

I wound up being on a pretty kickass team with Tina and our coach, Joe.


I’ll be honest with you guys…I was a little nervous when I first saw the WOD. As most of you probably know, I haven’t really been doing a whole lot of running these days, nor have I been doing any sort of intense exercise. On the one hand, I was nervous because I know my own competitive nature…once I get immersed in something like that, I can’t help but want to go 100%. But on the other hand, I didn’t want to risk any progress I’ve made just for one workout.

So I spoke with my coach, Joe, and told him my concerns. He immediately started coming up with ways that we could modify and scale back the workout to make it work for ME…

  • Run 200m each (relay) – I did 150m on the rowing machine
  • 150 Thrusters (45#/30# dumb bells) – I used 10# dumbbells
  • 100 Chest-to-bar pull-ups – I used the rings for pull-ups
  • 50 Box Jumps (30″/24″) – Instead of jumping, I did step ups
  • Run 200m each (relay) – I did 150m on the rowing machine


As soon as we started working through my modifications, my nerves were immediately put at ease, and I was ready to get to work! Before I knew it, the music was blasting, and we were all in full swing.

(photo from Kelly)


And as everyone began finishing up, we all continued to cheer on our fellow competitors who were still at work…including Anne Marie, who was totally kicking butt.


Believe it or not, our team name was #HAM…


Yep…we actually finished first! Way to go teammate!!

(photo from Kelly)

I’m pretty sure my modifications may have had something to do with that, but that’s okay. I’ll own it. Winking smile

The coaches…


The whole FitFluential crew!


If there was one main thing that I took away from this second CrossFit experience of mine, it would probably be that CrossFit can be for anyone. It may not be a personal fit for everyone, but it can certainly be scaled and modified to fit everyone’s needs. Even though my personal WOD may have been a bit easier than everyone else who was around me, I still loved every second of it.

This post actually got WAY longer than I was expecting, so I think we’re going to have to cut it short here…be on the lookout for part 2 tomorrow! Winking smile

Question for the Afternoon:

Have you ever tried CrossFit? Would you, if you had the opportunity?

Picking Up Where We Left Off Before Reebok

I’m baaaaaack!

After a fun (but way too quick) day and a half away, I’m now back home at the ‘ol stompin grounds. It’s always nice to be back home, but I can’t lie…I really wish I didn’t have to cancel and was able to join some of my favorite ladies for the remainder of this awesome weekend away…I’ll be there in spirit, girls!

SO. I feel like I have quite a bit to catch you guys up on, but I think I’m going to save most of the Reebok details until tomorrow or Monday, since I’ve got quite a bit to do today and still need to sort through everything.

But I can give you a quick recap of Thursday evening and a few sneak peek pics!

On Thursday afternoon, I arrived at my hotel in Quincy, MA. It was actually the same hotel that I stayed at the last time I visited Reebok, so my room was basically the same thing (aka, super awesome). After spending some time getting settled into the hotel, some of the other girls started to arrive and we headed out for dinner at a local pub.

I only took one photo of my food that night, so the rest of these photos come courtesy of the lovely Kelly. I think we had about 12 or 13 of us at dinner, but I only found pics of a few of us…

Ericka, Julie, and Anne

Heather & Jess

And me & Tina

We were all at dinner for quite a while before ordering, so it was a great opportunity to spend some time catching up. It’s crazy, really, how there can be so much time in between seeing some of these girls, yet we have no problem picking up where we left off. So much fun!

For dinner, I ended up ordering (what I think was) the Chicken Torta sandwich. It was really good, but they totally robbed me of the avocado. Booo.


Then again, that awesome mound of sweet potato fries kinda made up for that.

Everyone was pretty wiped from their travels, so once dinner was over, we all headed back to the hotel and crashed; especially since we had an early morning and a busy day ahead of us!

(recycled photo – the leaves weren’t all that green this time around) Winking smile

Here’s a few more photos (Instagram photos courtesy of Kelly) from part of the day…


Do any of my CrossFit fans out there recognize anyone awesome in the photo below? Winking smile

Alright friends, I’m off to go get some cleaning and grocery shopping done for now. Happy weekend!

Quick & Killer Bodyweight Circuit

I’ve got a super fun bodyweight circuit workout to share with you guys today! But first…

You guys may remember that I’m partnering up with GNC for their fall/winter campaign.

GNC Live Well

This month (just as I did last month), I wanted to give you guys a couple quick updates on what I’m taking these days, how things are going with the things I was already taking, and then finish up with a killer workout. How’s that sound, cool? Cool. Winking smile

So last month, I told you all how I finally discovered a way to drink apple cider vinegar. I’ve had many of you asking how things are going and if I’ve noticed any differences since I began taking it. Well, I’d probably be able to give you a better answer…if I could get myself to remember to take it!

I think yesterday was the first time I’ve remembered to take it in a couple of weeks. Sometimes I’ll remember it and tell myself to make a drink once I finish X, Y, or Z, and then I never get around to it. So as far as if I’ve noticed any differences? That’s a nada…but that’s also my own fault too. Maybe I should try taking it first thing in the morning, like right before I brush my teeth or something??

One thing I have been sticking to taking though? My vitamins.

I’m still taking the Women’s Prenatal Program, and just stocked up another package. I still take the prenatals + the DHA at night, but I’ll usually just nix the calcium. I tend to get enough of it through foods, beverages, and my other vitamin, so I don’t feel the need to take it in excess.

I honestly really do love the GNC Vitapaks, not only for the convenience factor, but because they’re just so darn versatile. They seriously have something for everyone, so even if prenatals aren’t your thing, feel free to check out the site and see what might work best for you!

gnc vitapak

One last item I’ve been enjoying is the GNC 100% Egg Protein in Vanilla Ice Cream.

I also have that Pumpkin Spice Lean Shake to test out, but I haven’t had a chance to try that one quite yet. Soon, my friends. Verrrrrry soon.

But the egg protein? It’s been great; I used it the other day in the apple chunk protein muffins I made, which worked great. If vanilla is your thing, then I’d definitely recommend giving it a shot. Jay’s tried it a couple of times and he really enjoyed it, and I, for the most part, tend to use it as a protein shake after a workout if it’s totally in between meals.

Sooooo, speaking of workouts. I’ve made you wait long enough. Winking smile

Remember that workout I said I did on Sunday that left my legs sore for days? Well, that would be thanks to a portion of this little bodyweight circuit.

quick and killer bodyweight circuit

Yes, I succumbed to the fun, festive PicMonkey illustrations. I couldn’t help myself.

I decided to add in a few upper body/core moves to make it more of a full body workout to share with all of you. The great thing is that it only requires two things: some sort of stopwatch and YOU! So go ahead and get workin’!

As always, some demonstrations to show you…

Plié Squat

Crossover Lunge

Plank to Pushup                                                       Tricep Dips

Squat with Front Kick                                                               Burpees


Total Waste

Iiiiiit’s Wednesday! I really have no reason to be excited about it being Wednesday, but I’m gonna go ahead and use an ! anyways.

Hey, sometimes a little extra enthusiasm in the morning is a good thing, right?

So did anyone else watch the debate last night? Did you cringe just as much as I did? Ughh, good grief. Luckily, politics is not really a topic I care to ever discuss here in any sort of detail on the blog (it brings out the crazy in people, I swear) so that’s gonna be the extent of my discussion on THAT one. Moving on…

Shortly before the whole debate viewing (and watching The Voice) it was easy dinner time up in herrrrr.


I made up some chicken salad for the boy and a batch of sweet tuna salad for me. I wound up adding in quite a few veggies so it was voluminous enough for me to divide into two batches – hello, today’s lunch!

I served my sweet tuna salad on a big bed of fresh spinach, along with two slices of crumbled turkey bacon and a serving of Kashi crackers.


It was really, super good.

While we were eating dinner, we also decided to try out two of the new Oktoberfest beers that have been sitting in our fridge. While grocery shopping on Sunday, I discovered that our local Price Chopper added in a “make your own 6-pack” area, full of fun beers…I couldn’t resist.


I filled up my six pack with all Oktoberfest/Pumpkin beers and last night we decided to try these two.


The beers were good, but for whatever reason, neither Jay or I were in much of a mood to drink beer. Unfortunately, I only wound up drinking about half of my beer…total waste. Boooo.



This morning, I went straight for my hot mug of steamy coffee and sipped on that while preparing breakfast.


Seriously, what is it about a hot mug of coffee that is so comforting??

Today’s breakfast of choice was a good mix of lots of fun stuff…


One egg + 2 egg whites scrambled with broccoli and ketchup and half of a toasted pumpkin spice bagel topped with pumpkin and peanut butter.


Some protein, some carbs, some veggies, some caffeine…all sorts of awesomeness right there, I’ll tell ya! Winking smile


Reebok #getafterit T-Shirt Giveaway Winners

reebok win1reebok win2reebok win3reebok win4

  • #204 – Kristin
  • #77 – Kristy
  • #245 – JK0506
  • #348 – Brittani

Congratulations to the four lucky winners! Please email me with your shipping info to sweettoothcourtney at gmail dot com so I can send along your new goodies!


Alright, I’m off to go do some yogaaaaaa. I’ve got no questions to ask today, so have a good morning and I’ll catch ya later, friends!

The Best Workout Tank Ever

It’s been a busy Friday…


You really should experience the sight that is my kitchen when I bake. I am obnoxiously messy. It’s ridiculous.

So after I went out to get cupcake liners this morning, I took care of baking the actual cupcakes and got all of that cleaned up before squeezing in a little exercise. Since I was expecting a package today, I didn’t want to leave the house for too long, so I opted to do my walk on the good ‘ol treadmill (despite the fact that it’s beautiful outside right now).

For today’s workout I suited up into my brand spankin-new piece of Reebok gear: the Workout Ready Racer Back Tank.


The tank comes from their Workout Ready collection, featuring moisture-wicking Play Dry technology, a slim, fitness-ready design, and a few really fun colors. I was actually first sent this tank in pink, in a size medium, since I tend to like my workout tanks to fit more loosely than tight.


The pink tank actually fits great for a layering, casual hanging around tank, but the smaller size actually fit better for a workout. Slim fitting, lightweight, no built-in bra (love that, since I always wear a sports bra anyways) and super comfy.


It’s basically the best workout tank ever.

Once my 45 minute treadmill walk was complete, I showered up and got back to the kitchen. Before diving head first into making some frosting, I made a little veggie snack plate with some hummus.


A small tomato, baby carrots, and cauliflower with roasted red pepper hummus. YUM.

Once that was down the hatch, it was frosting tiiiiime. And within maybe an hour, I had everything finished…that had to be a record for me.


I have an order for 3 dozen cupcakes that I need to drop off later tonight, including an equal split of Double Vanilla cupcakes and Raspberry Devil’s Food w/ Raspberry Almond Buttercream.


It’s been a while since I made that raspberry almond…stuff is gooood.

In the midst of frosting, I also managed to grab another snack from the fridge.


I’ve had this Cherry Pomegranate Fage yogurt a few times now and I love the stuff. Super thick and creamy for being a 0%, and the cherry pomegranate flavor is killer.

Now that I’ve got the cupcakes packaged up and the dishes washed, it’s time to write up a couple training plans, and THEN? It’s time to go play with that package I was waiting for earlier, which has just recently arrived…


Let’s just say that I don’t foresee there being much conversation between Jay and I this evening. And I’m totally okay with that.

Happy Friday, friends! What’s on tap for the weekend? You’ll never guess what I’ve got going on…then again, actually, you probably will since it’s the same way I’ve spent about 3,492 of my weekends this year so far. Winking smile

Who Motivates You?

Happy weekend, friends! While I’m most likely on my way home this morning from partying my face off at Kathryn & Paul’s wedding, I thought I’d share a little guest post with you all…and actually, it’s one of MY guest posts!

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a guest post for FitSugar, highlighting some of my favorite Reebok gear, as well as a fun contest that’s going on on Pinterest. It was a fun post that I really enjoyed writing, so hopefully you guys will like it too!


This past May, I was presented with the opportunity to visit the Reebok World Headquarters in Canton, MA, and my entire experience there was incredible. The Reebok team members were so friendly and super knowledgeable of their products, the Cross Fit WOD and cardio dance class were insanely awesome, and the generous goodies we received while visiting was pretty much the icing on the cake.

(To read more about my experience at Reebok World HQ, you can check out my recap posts HERE and HERE).

Ever since that one day in May, I have been in love with my Reebok gear.


The sneakers have easily become my go-to pair (and of course, I swap colors to coordinate outfits!), and the apparel is some of the comfiest stuff that I own.

Recently, I was sent some of Reebok’s newest footwear and apparel to try out.

The first pieces I tried out were the Flex Collection Seamless Long Bra Top and Seamless Capri Tight.

While I immediately fell in love with the comfort of the top, I think my favorite thing about it was the length. I love me a long-length workout top, and this one definitely fit the bill.

Another thing I’ve been loving? This gorgeous pair of Reebok RealFlex Fusion TR’s.


These sneakers have been absolutely great for so many reasons. For one, I’ve recently had to cut back on my own workouts and have been doing a lot of walking. These sneakers have, without a doubt, been a perfect shoe for that.


In addition to being able to do all of my walking with them, they’ve also proven to be a great shoe for when I’m training clients as well.


I’m looking forward to the day when I’m able to once again start doing some killer circuit and HIIT workouts with these bad boys, but for now I’ve got to do what’s best for me and my body.

Honestly, my personal fitness lifestyle has changed drastically in the past three months and it’s often been a challenge at times. Some days, I let myself sulk and feel bad about it. Other days, I remind myself to be thankful for the things that I CAN do, and often look to others for some extra inspiration.

One of those people would have to be Chris Powell.


I’ve long been a fan of him, for a number of reasons, but have most recently become obsessed with him and his training on Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition. Just watching Chris on that show proves that he is, for many – including myself, a fitness hero.

Chris inspires me to keep doing what I’m doing, regardless of it being just walking and yoga. He also motivates me to continue to be an even better personal trainer with my own clients. He’s uplifting. He’s motivational. He’s tough when he needs to be, just as I strive to do.

And let’s be real…he’s pretty easy on the eyes, too. Winking smile


I actually have this picture of Chris posted on my “My Fit Pin-Spiration board on Pinterest because he is, in fact, my fitness inspiration.

If you check out my "My Fit Pin-Spiration" board, you’ll see Chris, along with some other faces of fitness that I look to for inspiration and motivation. And right now, you can actually create your own "Fit Pin-Spiration" board on Pinterest as a part of the Reebok Pinterest Contest.

To find out more about the contest and how to enter, click here.

Who do you look to as your inspiration? (it can be anyone and doesn’t have to be a household name!) Who pushes you to lead a healthier, happier life? Whoever it is, be it a popular TV trainer or your gym buddy, make sure to thank them.

They deserve it!