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Things Making Me Smile {2/15}

by Courtney on February 15, 2013

Happyyyyyy Friday! I am in an absolutely fantastic mood today, let. me. tell. you. Where do I even start? Well, let’s see…Jay and I had a nice, low-key Valentine’s Day. Even though we nixed our original plans for a movie and dinner at a different location, we did wind up having a super romantic (haha) […]


Good For The Soul

by Courtney on October 13, 2012


Happy weekend to you all! How are things shaping up so far? Late yesterday afternoon, after dropping off some cupcakes (so great meeting you, Kelly!) I headed over to waste a couple of hours at the mall before meeting up with Heather for dinner. Hey, sometimes dinner with friends and a little retail therapy is […]


A Trip To Ruby’s

by Courtney on December 26, 2010


**Just a Reminder: If you haven’t yet re-subscribed to STSL after the move, you can do so by clicking here for email, or here for RSS feed!** Happy Sunday evening ya’ll! So first things first…how ‘bout a little kitchen update for ya? Slowly but surely, we’re starting to make progress!! The walls and ceiling are […]


Feels Kinda Like Summer

by Courtney on May 1, 2010

This afternoon, the grill was rockin! I swear it was like a mid-summer day! Jay is totally in his glory when he’s by his beloved grill! My breakfast with Kate was really sticking with me, so I wasn’t all that hungry for anything right away.  BUT, I couldn’t let down the chef, so I did […]