Salad Creations

Awesome Is…

by Courtney on September 30, 2014


…Not spending five minutes to come up with a fancy introduction to today’s post. We’re just diving right in. …Going to Salad Creations on Saturday and using a buy one, get one coupon out of the Entertainment Book to have today’s lunch all set and ready to go for me. Man, I wish I could […]


I Told You

by Courtney on June 7, 2011


I told you all I was going to eat a salad the size of my head tonight, didn’t I? Tonight I got to meet up with my college gals for dinner at Salad Creations. Part of the reason we went here was for location, part was for how good their salads were, and part was […]


Lunch Date With The Ladies

by Courtney on August 19, 2010


4:00?? Really? Is somebody joking? You guys will have to forgive me for the sporadic posts. Unfortunately, things may be like this for a couple weeks, seeing as though I have lots to prepare for with going back to school, as well as our trip to Vegas! I hope that you all will stick with […]


A Day at the Races…and a Celebrity Meeting!

by Courtney on August 2, 2010


Today could not have been a more perfect day to head up to the race track. The weather was absolutely beautiful! Our trip into the track got off to an interesting start. We had all packed a cooler with some food and beverages to snack on throughout the day, but it turns out there’s no […]


Afternoon Eats & Treats

by Courtney on May 20, 2010

What a great afternoon!!  I got to spend my entire lunch outside, enjoying the beautiful weather, eating some yummy food, and finishing it off with a little fun shopping!   Let’s start with lunch first… Today’s lunch included a trip to Salad Creations, which you may remember I visited about a month ago for the […]



by Courtney on April 21, 2010

I mentioned this morning that I was going to be trying a NEW place for lunch today, and boy am I excited about it!!  The surprise location is Salad Creations!  I’ve passed by it numerous times when shopping at the mall, but never made it in until today.  In addition to some featured salads, wraps, […]