No Plans


Well hello, good morning, and happy Saturday to you all! Things are going quite well over here so far this morning but first, let’s back up a bit to last night. Last night, Jay and I had NO plans, which was fantastic. I had been waiting all day to just get home from work, put…

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Had To Have Them


Goooooood morning, friends! How was everyone’s weekend? Hopefully it was even an ounce more exciting than mine was. Being sick is certainly no fun, but the best way to cure it (when you can’t take much of anything for it) is to get plenty of rest…so that’s exactly what I did. Here’s what ya may…

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Two Breakfasts In One Day?


Suuuuuuure…don’t mind if I do! This morning after I finished training a couple clients, I had plans to meet up with Sarah and Mal for some bridesmaid dress fittings. Sooo exciting! As it turns out, the bridal store didn’t open until 11am and I really didn’t feel like going all the way back home from…

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