Got the Rehearsal Down

by Courtney on July 14, 2012


We’ve officially got the rehearsal down…now all we need is the main event to start! Last night’s rehearsal went nice and smoothly, and we were all in and out pretty quickly. Rach, who we thought for sure would be on edge all night was cool as a cucumber and seems more than ready for her […]


Short and Sweet

by Courtney on April 28, 2012

I think the computer gods are trying to tell me something today… I spent about an hour and a half this morning trying to figure out why my site is no longer letting me upload pictures in my posts and I am failing miserably at finding the answer. Something about an FTP site (aka, the […]


The Scrapbook Sneak Peek

by Courtney on July 20, 2010


I’ve been a busy bee today, hence the reason for my late post – so let’s get all caught up. I started my morning off with a light breakfast before heading to the gym. In honor of my VitaTops Giveaway, I figured it would be fitting to incorporate one into my meal. I enjoyed my last […]


Channeling My Crafty Side

by Courtney on July 19, 2010


Good evening, friends! Forgive me if this post seems like I’m a little distracted…it’s because I am! I’m watching The Bachelorette while quickly trying to type up this post, so it might be a quick one. I’m sure you all understand. This afternoon, I got to meet up with four of my favorite girls for […]