Keep It To Two

Hello! Hello! Good morning! I’m so super psyched that it’s already Thursday…this week is just flyyyyin’ by!

Thankfully, this week has felt a lot less taxing than last week. I’m quickly learning that I can’t spread myself quite as thin as I’m used to; otherwise I wind up completely zonked. I love having something to do after work, because it gives me something to look forward to throughout the day. We’re so fortunate to have so many awesome friends, and our families, so close so opportunities present themselves rather easily.

However, I got talking about it with Jay the other night and we’ve decided that we should try to keep it to two weeknight plans per week. That way, we’ll still be able to be social with our pals, but we’ll also be able to have some much needed down time at home. (Plus, we’ve got lots of house projects coming up…not all of which are nursery related…so we’ll be busy).

We’ve actually already got two nights filled up for next week (seriously, busy bees!) and last night we had another fun evening, with our friends Seth and Nicole (you may remember them from their wedding back in September – you know, the one that looked like it could have walked off a page on Pinterest!). We had them over for dinner, but unfortunately, my hostess skills were severely lacking and we wound up ordering pizza.


I don’t know what happened with me. I knew they were coming over when I went grocery shopping, but never planned anything to make for when they came over. Since we were out Tuesday night, I didn’t have time to prepare/plan anything ahead of time, so I texted Nicole frantically, telling her I’m a horrible hostess and asking if she’d be cool with us ordering pizza. Thankfully, she was cool. ;)

So we ordered a couple of pizzas and I did have enough stuff on hand to make a big tossed salad, so we had some veggies thrown in there too. Everything tasted deeeeeeelicious, and as if dinner wasn’t already tasty enough, our pals brought over some serious dessert…


Ohhhh, cookie trays. How I adore you. For those of you in the area, these cookies are from Hannaford, and they are my jam. If you ever have a serious cookie fix, go to Hannaford. These things will not disappoint.

So the four of us snacked on our cookies while catching up on lots (even though I did just see Nicole for our lunch date a couple weeks ago) and watching some of our favorite shows, like Modern Family. Did anyone else watch and totally crack up over Cam and the “fish of gold” at the end? :)


So here we are at Thursday. Breakfast is planned on being the same thing that it’s been the past three mornings (banana oat muffins with PB), but the lunch I know I have waiting for me is reeeeeally going to hit the spot.


As I was making the salad for dinner last night, I also whipped up a quick one to bring for lunch today. I went with a bit of a veggie + fruit combo on this one, including romaine, cucumbers, red onions, baby carrots, avocado, strawberries, green grapes, and dried cranberries. Unfortunately, we were out of feta (which would have made the salad) and it’s also lacking some protein, but I’ll squeeze in some extra peanut butter or something later.

I paired the salad with some Newman’s Own Lite Raspberry & Walnut dressing (SO good!) doing the ol’ salad dressing on the bottom trick.


Can’t. Wait. For. Lunch. Today.

On another note, stay tuned for a fun post + giveaway on the Baby Tooth page later this afternoon…

I cannot even begin to tell you guys how much I am in loooove with this adorable new tank I got from Two For Fitness. So stinkin’ cute!!

Questions for the Morning:

How often do you have plans after work during the work week?

Do you prefer to keep busy, or would you rather have more quiet time?

Our First Turkey Bowl

Yesterday was SUCH a great time, thanks to our friends Seth and Nicole for inviting us to their annual Turkey Bowl party. Jay and I headed over there around 2pm yesterday and had a blast the whole rest of the day.

When we arrived, there were some appetizers out, so I snacked on some veggies and a few bites of goat cheese on toast, which was phenomenal.


Nicole also had some iced tea and lemonade which, let me tell you, were delicious mixed together. I was sipping on my own Arnold Palmers for most of the day!


The boys were hoping to be able to get a football game going in the afternoon, but it wound up having to be nixed due to a lack of players. It’s alright though, because we were all having plenty of laughs inside. Plenty!

While we were all hanging out during the day, Nicole was hard at work in the kitchen getting everything ready for our big turkey dinner. It had been smelling SO good all day long and I think everyone was about ready to dive head first into their turkey.


As things were getting ready and we started setting the table, a certain somebody decided he wanted to start making some napkin art. Does that look like the face of a sober person to you? Winking smile


I don’t know how in the world he did it, but some of his work actually came out looking like legit birds. I was impressed.


Eventually it was time to eat! I filled up my plate up with some turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and cranberry ginger relish. Everything tasted awesome, and I probably would have gone back for seconds, but I had to save room for dessert.


Happy Turkey Bowl Day!


Shortly after finishing dinner and clearing the table, it was time for the good stuff…DESSERT.


We had apple pies, mini pumpkin pies, and a peanut butter fudge brownie trifle, which Nicole said she found on Pinterest. I did a little searching of my own, and I believe it may be THIS RECIPE by Jessica. Nicole, am I right?


If so, you HAVE to make it because that thing was uh-maaaaazing.

We also, of course, had my dessert contribution which I am happy to report, got rave reviews from all.


I’ll work on typing up the recipe for you guys soon when I have a bit more time!


My plate – trifle and layered dessert


After dessert, the fun and shenanigans continued on for quite some time.


Jay with the wonderful hosts, Seth and Nicole.


Jay, again photo hog, with our friends Bryah and Kate.


And me, with my very favorite brother who officially, as he said, “became an adult” yesterday, as he moved out of my parent’s house and into an apartment.


Boy, they just grow up so fast, don’t they? Winking smile

And with that, I’m off to go work on cleaning up the house, making a trip to the grocery store, and getting ready to have a few friends over later to watch some football. Talk about a great friend-filled weekend!

**Edited to add the winner of the Grandpa Pete’s Giveaway!

The winner is entry #110:

Justeen @ Blissful Baking November 1, 2012 at 10:00 pm

The marinara sauce would be perfect on top of spaghetti squash and cottage cheese or ricotta (sounds weird, but tastes delicious!)

Congrats, Justeen! Email me at sweettoothcourtney at gmail dot com so we can get you your sauce asap!