The Perfect Gift: A Customized Ornament Giveaway {CLOSED}

For the third year in a row (has it really been that long?!) I am SO excited to share this post with you all today.

I was recently talking with my friend, Christina, and we decided that it was that time of year again to continue our holiday tradition of teaming up to give away another one of her amazingly beautiful creations. SO, with that said, let’s let the holiday tradition continue!

In case you’re new to the blog, Christina is a good friend of mine and the very talented artist behind Christina Norris Designs. She creates customized artwork in all forms, but two of her favorite items of mine (both of which are very popular this time of year) are her signature tree prints, and her custom ornaments.

I have been lucky enough to be the recipient of not only her adorable ornaments…

(Remember THIS special one??) Winking smile

but also her gorgeous signature tree print (I got this at my bridal shower, which seems like ages ago!).

Seriously. Her work is just beautiful…

(Be sure to check out her Facebook page for more photos!)

This time of year, I know Christina gets crazy busy with orders for her ornaments and family tree prints. They make great gifts for teachers, babysitters, baby’s first Christmas, newlyweds, engagements, pregnancies, family, and friends. And I mean, really, who doesn’t love receiving something customized just for them?


So this year, Christina is not only offering a giveaway (which I’ll get to in a sec!) but she’s also offering a discount code for all of you! You can get 15% off any ornament, signature tree, or fingerprint tree order placed between now and November 30th (discount will be taken off the order prior to tax and shipping). Just mention STSL15 when ordering.

Christina accepts payment by both credit card and personal check, and payment must be received prior to shipping. She will also ship internationally! See pricing details below…


And if you have any questions on products and/or pricing, be sure to contact Christina.

NOW…let’s get to the good stuff.

**One lucky STSL reader will win a medium sized Custom Ornament!**

(Winner can choose if you would like the snowman style or the caricature style)

How To Enter (up to 3 entries!):

  1. (Mandatory) Leave a comment on this post telling me what kind of ornament you would most like to get and/or give.
  2. (Extra) Head on over to Christina’s Facebook Page, and leave a comment back on this post (not her Facebook page!) telling me which of her customized art pieces you like the most.
  3. (Extra) Tweet about the giveaway- “@SweetToothCourt is having the perfect holiday gift giveaway! –”

**The winner will need to place their order with Christina by December 5th in order to get it in time for Christmas.

**Open to US residents only.


I’ll choose a random winner on Friday, November 22nd. Good Luck! Smile

The Perfect Gift: A Personalized Signature Tree Giveaway

Last weekend while I was at Mal’s shower, I had the chance to catch up with my friend, Christina. You know – the super crafty one that creates gorgeous things all. the. time.

Well she told me beforehand that she had a surprise for me. A surprise?!? I LOVE surprises! As we were talking, she handed me a little box, which I opened up only to find this inside…


Yet another crafty creation of Christina’s…a personalized family ornament that even included my Cody!


Christina has recently started creating ornaments that can be personalized with anything from traditional families, to individual snowmen dressed and accessorized with their hobbies or careers (i.e., teachers, scientists, basketball players, etc.). She can also do ornaments for things such as Baby’s First Christmas, couples dressed as brides and grooms, pregnant snowwomen and their snow husband, grandparents and babysitters.


They come in three sizes: 2 5/8″ ($10), 3 1/4″ ($14.50) and 4″ ($16.50), or small, medium and large. The small is best for a single character, medium 2-4 characters and large over 4 or characters requiring a lot of details or accessories.


I am absolutely in love with these little ornaments, and I mean who doesn’t love having something special and personal on their tree? Smile

Of course, in addition to Christina’s ornaments, she’s still also creating her absolutely beautiful Signature Tree prints.


The tree prints (which are available in a variety of sizes) can also be personalized with family members, pets, hobbies or interests. Leaf and ink colors are also customizable, and prices are available upon request.


As Christina and I were talking over the weekend, we decided that we liked the idea of making a holiday tradition out of giving away one of her Signature Tree prints. SO, with that said, let’s let the holiday tradition continue!

**One lucky winner will win a personalized 8×10 Signature Tree Print!**

How To Enter (up to 3 entries!):

  1. (Mandatory) Leave a comment on this post telling me what kind of a tree you would most like to get and give.
  2. (Extra) Head on over to Christina’s Facebook Page, and leave a comment back on this post (not her Facebook page!) telling me which of her customized art pieces you like the most.
  3. (Extra) Tweet about the giveaway- “@SweetToothCourt is having the perfect holiday gift giveaway! –”

**The winner will need to give Christina their personalization info by December 1st if you need/want it for Christmas.

**Open to US residents only.


In addition to the giveaway, Christina is also offering 15% off any total purchase price (discount would be taken off their total prior to taxes and shipping). Just reference the code STSL15 when ordering.

**ALSO…keep in mind that orders needed for Christmas need to be placed by Sunday, December 2nd for guaranteed Christmas delivery. If you have any questions on products and/or pricing, be sure to contact Christina.


I will randomly choose the winner of the Signature Tree Print giveaway on Wednesday, November 21st. Thanks so much and good luck to you all!! Smile

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift Giveaway

You know…there’s another holiday coming up right around the corner.

Sure, it may be considered a “Hallmark” holiday; just an excuse for the greeting card companies, chocolate makers, and florists to make boatloads of money. I get it, I know…and I’ve also been guilty of buying in to all of those things in the past.

When Jay and I first started dating, we did it all – the red roses, the chocolates, the “fancy” dinners out at T.G.I.Friday’s, and the gushy cards. Then again, we were 16…we thought that’s what we were supposed to do!

But as the years have gone on, and Jay and I have become more of an “old married couple” (kidding, sort of) we’ve come to enjoy more subtle, low-key things for Valentine’s Day, like last year when we made dinner in together, complete with champagne and chocolate (yes, we still succumb to the champagne and chocolate).

Some years we might buy each other a little gift, and some years we don’t. But for me, the gift always has to be something personal. I love taking the time to either think of or create a gift that would be special just for him and I. It’s just that much more meaningful, you know?

So why not show your Valentine how much you love him/her by having your names or initials carved into a love themed Signature Tree


You all remember my talented friend, Christina? Well, she is quite the gal, I’ll tell ya, because she’s at it again…

**One lucky winner will receive a customized 8×10 matted love-themed Signature Tree!**



How To Enter the Giveaway:

  1. (Mandatory) Leave a comment on this post telling me your fondest Valentine’s Day memory OR what kind of a tree you would most like.
  2. (Extra) Tweet about the giveaway- “@SweetToothCourt is having the perfect Valentine’s Day gift giveaway! –”

**Notes from Christina:

  • Giveaway is open to US residents only.
  • Christina will be taking orders for Valentine gifts up until February 1st, so if you think you’re interested, head on over to Christina’s site, browse around, and feel free to get in contact with her.

I will randomly choose a winner on this Wednesday, January 25th.

Thank you and GOOD LUCK!! Red heart

Sarah & Jeff Get Married…And We Dance

From beginning to end, Sarah and Jeff’s wedding was absolutely amazing.


The day started off with a beautiful outdoor ceremony that went off without a hitch. Any threats of rain or storms were nowhere to be found, and the sun began to shine just as things got underway.



Sarah looked absolutely stunning as she walked down the aisle (not that I was surprised).



The ceremony was short and intimate, and could not have gone better…well, as long as you don’t count the motor boat with the kids tubing attached to the back at the beginning of the ceremony. Yikes.


But luckily, the rude boaters’ attendance was short-lived, everything went on smoothly,


and before we knew it, Sarah & Jeff were officially husband and wife!


Once the ceremony was over, everyone was invited to enjoy the al fresco cocktail hour.


Fun Fact: The flower in Sarah’s hair was her something borrowed…and it was actually the same flower that I wore in my hair at my wedding.


I was so honored to have her wearing it on her special day. Smile

Jay and I spent the hour mingling with friends and family, snacking on some hors d’oeuvres, and enjoying a little vino.



No pictures of my plate were taken, but there were some snacks, including an amazing baked brie, that were thoroughly enjoyed by this gal.


Some Party Rock moves were also practiced…


Jay and I also made sure to sign (or should I say, “thumbprint and sign”) Sarah and Jeff’s signature tree. I’m telling you, our friend Christina is just so talented.



Not only did she create this tree for the bride and groom, but she also helped out with the programs, place cards, and a few other beautiful details throughout the evening.




Once the cocktail was over, everyone was invited inside to get the rest of the party started.



The ceremony and reception were both held at the Old Daley Inn on Crooked Lake. It was not only an absolutely beautiful location, but the food was delicious as well.


We started out with some family-style Caesar salad and fresh rolls. I’m not usually one to choose Caesar salads, but this one was great and I was totally loving the croutons.


For my entrée, I ordered the eggplant parmesan (I think…I couldn’t remember for the life of me!) which was amazing.


In place of a traditional wedding cake, Sarah and Jeff had an assortment of cupcakes on display. I ended up having half of a carrot cake and half of a vanilla, and both of them were equally scrumptious.


The evening continued on with more dancing, and as the evening went on, the dance floor went from looking like this…



To this…


To this.


Before we knew it, it was time for the wedding to come to a close.


Luckily, that didn’t mean the evening had to end, and many of the guests continued celebrating into the after party, which included an assortment of sliders, chips and salsa, chicken wings, and mini sandwiches.

I, however, did not take any pictures after that one you see above, so I am sad to say that I have no after party pictures. Super bummer.

BUT…I do have something you might enjoy. Winking smile

Party Rock Moves at Sarah & Jeff’s Wedding!

That right there would be a small video of our Party Rock Anthem moves. It’s a little blurry (sorry), but I am proud to say that there were at least 10 of us that I know, who spent at least two evenings practicing, dripping in sweat, and working our butts off. Judging by our performance, you probably wouldn’t realize it, but we still had a blast doing it just the same. You’re allowed to laugh at us. Winking smile

Overall, Sarah and Jeff’s wedding was just perfect. I am so happy for them and still can’t believe that they are actually married.


Congratulations you two! We love you!! Open-mouthed smile

Spreading Some Love Giveaway

Can I just tell you how excited I am about this afternoon’s post??? Really, I’m super psyched!

So do you guys remember back a few weeks ago when I attended Sarah’s Bridal Shower? Many of you mentioned how much you loved all of the details at the shower, which had been created by our friend, Christina, who really is just an amazing talent.



Back when I had my bridal shower (which seems like an eternity ago!) Christina also helped with many of the details for that, too.





There was lots of fall décor, which I absolutely LOVED (which should be no surprise, given my slight obsession for fall décor).



While Christina has been doing all of this amazing work on the side for a while now, she just recently launched her own website, christinanorrisdesigns.


I’m so glad that Christina finally decided to launch her website because like I said, her work really is incredible (not that you need much influencing, based on the pictures above, right?). Winking smile

Christina offers customized art for for every special occasion in your life, ranging from invitations, to paper bouquets and flowers, to signature tree prints. For anyone planning on getting married, Christina is definitely your girl.

That bouquet you see up there? That’s our friend Kanika, who just got married a couple of weeks ago, and the bouquet she’s holding is totally paper. I loved it.

And I can actually say that I am the proud owner of one of Christina’s Signature Tree prints, which I received as a gift at my shower.



Isn’t it beautiful?


Well when I approached Christina, asking if she’d like to “spread the word” a bit more about her new site, she was extremely gracious and appreciative, and even offered to “spread the love” with a little giveaway for all you STSL readers!

Christina is generously offering one of her matted 8×10 Customized Signature Trees.


How To Enter (up to 4 entries!):

  1. (Mandatory) Leave a comment on this post telling me why YOU would like to win a customized signature tree.
  2. (Extra) Head on over to Christina’s site, and leave a comment back on this post telling me which of her customized art pieces you like the most.
  3. (Extra)LikeChristina Norris Designs on Facebook and leave a comment letting me know that you did.
  4. (Extra) Tweet about the giveaway- something like “@SweetToothCourt is having a beautiful giveaway! –”

I will randomly choose a winner on Friday, August 12th. Thank you & good luck!! Smile