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WIAW: Salads and Snacks

by Courtney on May 21, 2014

Wednesday already? I’ll take it! It’s been a busy couple of days, both with work, at home, and softball games, so maybe that’s why I’m shocked it’s already Wednesday. Thankfully, I think the rest of the week is supposed to be a bit slower, which would be just fabulous. But until then, let’s keep things […]


All Decked Out

by Courtney on August 20, 2013

Well I must say…somebody knows how to cheer on his daddy at his softball game! Last night, Lucas and I headed down to the softball fields to watch his dad, Uncle Dan, and grandpa play…although I think out of the two of us, I was really the only one watching. I couldn’t help myself and […]


My Kryptonite

by Courtney on August 14, 2012


How about some pretty flowers to start off your morning? I tossed these into my shopping cart at Aldi’s over the weekend because it’s been way too long since I’d had some pretty, fresh flowers in the house. Plus, they were only $3.99…how could I pass that up? Quick side note before going on…we won […]


Made It All Worth It

by Courtney on July 26, 2012

Where do I even begin? Seriously. I spent a good majority of my afternoon reading through each and every one of your incredible comments, often times smiling and tearing up simultaneously. The support you’ve all been sending me – via Twitter, email, phone, comments – is just mind blowing and I can’t thank you enough. […]


Have You Tried This Stuff?

by Courtney on June 26, 2012


Well, we did end up playing our softball game last night, but I still got to hang out with the birthday girl! After the game was over (our first loss of the season, boo), some of the team and the fam hung out at the field for a bit…gosh, they sure are goofballs. Before leaving […]


Get The Day Rollin’

by Courtney on June 9, 2012

Hey friends! Happy weekend to you all! What’s shakin’ over in your neck of the woods? Last night after I got out of work, I headed on down to watch Jay and the rest of the boys play their softball game. He had a good game and the team won, which made for a very […]


First Savory Lunch All Week

by Courtney on June 1, 2012


So, SO excited to see so many of you in on the June Yoga Challenge! I’m really looking forward to this for so many reasons; one being the fact that I am actually pretty darn sore from yesterday’s yoga session. Who knows what will happen when I’m actually fully committed?!? Wooo-whee! As for today’s workout, […]


…once softball season arrives! Last night we had our first softball game of the season, and although it was a little breezy and chilly, it still felt great to be back on the field again. I hadn’t swung a bat or thrown a softball since August, so I’m feelin’ it a little bit this morning, […]


Thought I Lost Him

by Courtney on August 8, 2011


This afternoon, I almost thought I lost Cody. Well, actually that’s sort of just me being overly dramatic. But typically, Cody is around me all day long. So by mid afternoon, when I realized that I hadn’t seen him in at least a few hours, I started to worry that maybe he had gotten outside […]


The Birthday Wrap Up

by Courtney on August 2, 2011


Talk about a nice little birthday present…Jay and the team got a big ‘ol “W” in the book last night! And Jay even got his second “win” as a pitcher. WOOO! Happy Birthday to YOU, Jay! As always, the somewhat loyal fans were there to support and cheer them on. You may also notice Creeper […]