An Unplanned Tangent

Funny story. And since today’s lunch was a boring, not very pretty looking salad that went unphotographed, then let’s get to that story, shall we?

So last night, as I was watching my shows, I also happened spend a little time scrolling through my Instagram feed. As I continued to scroll through, it seemed like I kept seeing more and more of this delicious, goodie-filled package that all of these awesome ladies were receiving.


After the first one or two, I was like, “Oh, that’s awesome!” but the more I kept seeing it, I have to admit…I was starting to get a little jealous! (which I mean all in fun because I certainly get my fair share of goodies in the mail – I’m just sayin’).

So wouldn’t you know, this afternoon my doorbell rings.

And guess what showed up at my front door.


WOO HOO!! I’m soooo excited to have received a goodie box filled with stuff from some of my favorite companies, along with some new-to-me ones too…


Extra sweet potato chips are always welcome in this house.


So are cute, warm, wool socks since Jay likes to make me freeze refuses to turn the heat up over 65 in the winter…


And, well, Justin’s peanut butter cups? Come to mamaaaa. Winking smile


If they’re anywhere near as good as the last Justin’s candy bar I had, then I know I’m gonna be in for a treat. These will be gone by this evening…I can guarantee you that. And I can also guarantee you that I’m not going to feel one ounce of guilt over it.

It’s funny, really. As I read more and more on the internet, I’m noticing that a lot of people and/or publications are starting to really pay attention to diet and/or sugar intake. I’m not judging any of these people at ALL, because I too am guilty of being under the same mindset – “Uh oh, holidays are coming! Better really cut back on my meals so I can enjoy sweets.” or “Only having sweets X amount of times each week.”

But I don’t know. This year, it’s different. Maybe it’s because of everything else that’s been going on this year. Maybe it’s because I’ve grown to be a bit more comfortable with being more lax about my diet and exercise (which I must say, really is a breath of fresh air most of the time to not have that “worry”).

Then again, maybe it’s because I just don’t give a crap anymore, and if I want some peanut butter cups or a couple pieces of leftover Halloween candy, then I’m going to have them.

As we go into this holiday season, I’m thinking of everything in moderation. Nothing is off limits. If I want sweets, I’m eating sweets. If I wind up eating chocolate in some form or another 7 days a week, then so be it. And what’s funny is that I actually trust myself to do this in moderation now, since there are no “rules.”

So I guess what this whole, unplanned tangent boils down to (the words just kept flowing from my fingertips, what can I say?) is this (aka, my little words of wisdom for today):

Let yourself enjoy what you want. Just don’t go buck wild on it all the time. Mmmmkay? Winking smile