Fun Facts Friday {4/24} + A Super Fun Fact!

chicken wrap

1. I’m sure I’m probably only the 500th person to mention it this week, but have you guys heard the news? Full House is officially being revived by Netflix with its new series, Fuller House! Man, that seriously brings me back…I used to want to be just like Stephanie Tanner. And does anyone else remember…

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Team Meal Planning or Team Wing It?


Can I still wish you all a Happy St. Paddy’s Day a date late? Well, I’m doing it anyways since I never mentioned it yesterday. Did anyone do anything fun or festive? Outside of making sure we all had some green on (I never bought Lucas any cute, festive outfits…he just got a random Jets…

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Lesson Learned: Always Replenish the Purse Snacks


Wooo Hooo!! We’ve got over 200 participants in the 2012 Closeout Workout Challenge so far! I loooove it. Just a quick heads up for those of you already signed up (or thinking about it!)…we’ve now got the official hashtag for this challenge: #closeoutworkout. So use it all during the challenge, or even before the challenge…hey,…

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One Step Closer


Soooo, do you want to know what the “exciting” thing was that I had going on this morning? Alright, well, the actual thing itself may not be that exciting, but the reason behind it is… I am now CPR/AED certified and I can officially save your life. WOOOP! I’d been searching around for the past…

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A Little “Courtney Time”


Sometimes, you just need some “ME” time, and this weekend, that’s exactly what I did. After posting on Saturday afternoon, I decided to take the rest of the weekend off from blogging to just relax and enjoy life. I didn’t want to be cooped up in front of my computer screen, because once I sit…

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