sunflower seed butter granola

A Bittersweet Goodbye

by Courtney on June 28, 2011


This afternoon, the UPS man came to visit me. I always love when the UPS man comes to visit me; that means he’s bringing me goodies. And I like goodies. A lot. But when I saw that he was bringing me goodies in the form of Love Grown Foods Granola, I loved his afternoon visit […]


Party On The Agenda

by Courtney on June 25, 2011


I think somebody must have gotten into the iced coffee… because he has been WACKY all morning! Running around like a maniac, playing fetch in all areas of the house… It’s certainly been some fun entertainment. He even kept it going the entire time I was working through my killer workout this morning: 6.1 miles […]


I Went Big

by Courtney on June 23, 2011


Shortly after dinner last night, my sweet tooth struck…hard. I was craving some chocolate in a bad way, and I knew that whatever tiny piece of chocolate I could scrounge up just wouldn’t do the trick. It was go big or go home…so I went big. And went ahead and made a batch of Tina’s […]


I Never Had That Growing Up

by Courtney on June 22, 2011


Well, my streak of beautiful mornings has ended… We’re back to some gloomy skies today, but hey, at least I got two days in a row, right? ***** Breakfast today is almost an exact replica of yesterday, so let’s just cruise right through. Iced coffee with skim milk and a splash of creamer…which I’ve been […]


Just How I Dreamed It Would Be

by Courtney on June 21, 2011


Another Tuesday…another early morning BodyPump class. Just how I like it! Despite feeling pretty sore from Sunday’s class, I was really ready for a good workout this morning. I didn’t want to just go through the motions…I wanted to feel the burn! So I ended up increasing my weights on the chest, back, tricep tracks, […]


I’m In Trouble

by Courtney on June 20, 2011


Tonight Jay and I have a softball game so dinner is, once again, up in the air. Plus, we’re also planning on leaving a little earlier than normal so I can squeeze in some batting practice before the game. I’m feelin’ a little rusty… But none of that really matters right now. Not one bit […]