Full Of Tangents

I’ve read before that when one is constructing a blog post, that it should really be centered around one main topic or point of interest. Typically, my posts tend to talk about more than one topic, but I do try my best to somehow mesh things together.

Well today, my friends, I’ve got lots to talk about. Like, a lot. I am full of tangents, I’m feeling a little spunky, and I can think of no other way to share them other than just blurting them all out. I promise…I’m going to try my best to tie them all in together. We’ll see how I do…

Ok, let’s go!

-First, I’m shocked at how many of you have never heard of garbage bread before??


I guess I thought that this was a pretty well-known thing?

Speaking of well-known things…

-Today is Coffee Friday! So this morning, I headed out to celebrate with an iced version from Dunkin Donuts. I also caved and asked for two blueberry cake munchkins.


-Unfortunately, it appears as though my streak of good luck with free munchkins has died. I blame it on the fact that the cashier was a girl…I think you guys were onto something before!

-However I DID, once again, get hooked up with more than what I asked for. This makes me both happy and annoyed.


I mean, if I wanted five I would have asked for five (actually, it’s more like I want twenty-five, but that would be bad for business). So far I’ve only had my two that I asked for.


Speaking of asking for things…

-Last night, I asked Jay if he wanted me to mow the lawn for him today. As soon as the words passed my lips I immediately regretted them. But of course, it was too late by that point. So I put on my happy face, grabbed my iPod, and got down to business.


-When I saw this photo, I didn’t have one negative thought creep into my head. Winking smile

-I need to wear gardening gloves when I mow the lawn because otherwise I get blisters.


-I do pretty good work when I mow…but I really don’t enjoy mowing.


Want to know what else I really don’t enjoy…?

-Weeding. And yet, despite my strong dislike for the activity, I still managed to spend almost an hour sweating my face off and cleaning out our front beds.


-This meant that 1 hour weeding + 1 hour push mowing = my exercise for today. I’d say two hours of yard work is totally acceptable as exercise today, right?

But seriously, back to the weeds. Where the heck do all of these freakin’ things come from? And how the heck can I get rid of them?


-I think I remember liking to look for four-leaf clovers a whole lot more than I do now. If there are any children out there who would like to completely weed out search for four-leaf clovers in the flower beds in the back of my house, please let me know. Because I’m done with it!


Want to know what else I’m done with?

-Worrying about not crossing my legs because of spider veins. Because according to this morning’s episode of The Doctors, crossing your legs does not cause spider veins or varicose veins.


Sure. NOW they tell me…after I’ve been paranoid about it since noticing my first spider vein in the gym locker room in 8th grade. I guess I’m just genetically predisposed? Boo.

Speaking of predisposed…

-I think I’m also genetically predisposed to feel the need to shop. Is that possible? If so, I blame it on my mom. And I’ll tell ya, it’s been REALLY hard to not purchase the pair of True Religion jeans that are 50% off and featured in my Shop It To me email today.


But don’t worry. If you’re with me and are also trying to not to make purchases, then today is the perfect day to enter my Bendiful Watches Giveaway. Because I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather get something for free than pay for it!

Speaking of what I’d rather do…

That brings me to today’s “Would You Rather” Questions!


  • Spend five hours weeding -OR- five hours push mowing?
  • Always get first dibs -OR- the last laugh?
  • Spend your Friday night at home -OR- out on the town?

Alright, how did I do?? Winking smile