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WIAW: Craving Some Carbs

by Courtney on February 5, 2014

Happy Wednesday! Or shall I say, happy SNOW DAY! We’re expected to get around a foot or so of snow today and while I could really, really do without some more of the white stuff, I’m certainly not complaining about being able to stay home with my little man today! (I consider myself very lucky […]


WIAW: Perfect Way to End the Day

by Courtney on January 22, 2014

Today is one of those days where I’m having a really hard time coming up with anything fun, quirky, and/or even slightly interesting to start off my post. So this is what you get. Despite my less than stellar post beginning, I’m pumped to be checking in with you all today! Hope the week is […]


Memories From 2008

by Courtney on January 12, 2013


Ahhhhh. Hello, weekend. It’s so nice to see you. Especially considering the fact that I didn’t get to enjoy you one teeny bit last weekend. But backtracking a bit…I never had a chance to make it back to the computer after yesterday morning’s post, so let me fill you guys in on the rest of […]


Roasted Green Beans and Steak Fajita Wraps

by Courtney on August 28, 2012


Goooooood morning! How are things shakin’ for everyone this morning? We’ve got a little bit of rain that just finished up over here, which would normally make things feel quite cozy and comfy, but it’s so darn muggy! I don’t know what happened? Humidity always makes me feel just so…icky. Last Night’s Dinner Ooooo baby, […]


Freezer Burn

by Courtney on September 17, 2011


Good morning and happy weekend! How’s everyone doing this morning? Jay and I spent our evening last night hanging out with my parents, enjoying a couple beverages and just having a good time. We were also preparing lists and making sure we have everything we need for our big trip tomorrow. (Does anyone remember where […]


Sangria With Sarah

by Courtney on June 2, 2011


Happy Thursday everyone! How’s your day starting off? Mine, as usual, started off nice and early with a little BodyPump action, followed by about 20 minutes worth of elliptical intervals. I upped my weights in a couple tracks and I definitely think I’ll be feelin’ it tomorrow! So last night I was MIA because lucky […]


Yoga Review & A Breakfast Epiphany

by Courtney on May 25, 2011


Today is off to SUCH an amazing start. I love it! I hopped out of bed this morning ready for run, already knowing that I only had a short one on the training plan today. There was no rain in sight, so I trekked it outside, finishing with some pretty good-for-me stats: You see that […]


I’m A Heckler

by Courtney on May 3, 2011


I think today I’ve discovered that I not only love hitting up the gym at 5:45, but I ALSO love getting my grocery shopping done before 8am on a weekday. The place is practically empty! My only bummer was that I got stuck with a crabby cashier who tried to ruin my mojo by giving […]


My Cuddle Buddy

by Courtney on February 16, 2011


There are some days where I get so excited just to come home and cuddle up with my little buddy Cody. It’s hard to believe, looking back at old pictures, that he actually used to BE LITTLE… Poor little guy had a rough start at life! If you’re new to the blog, then you may […]


I Got My Snow Day!

by Courtney on January 12, 2011

Open-mouthed smile

It worked! It worked! I got my SNOW DAY!!! It’s so pretty out there…especially since I don’t have to go out in it. I started my morning by doing a little lounging around on the couch, watching the snow fall outside and catching up on the morning news. Soon, it was time for some breakfast! […]