I Was Spotted

So this afternoon was pretty cool. After stopping by my mom’s house to steam my bridesmaid dress, I had to make a quick stop at the bank to cash my check. I went to the drive up teller, and as she was sending back my money to me, she says,

“Hey, this might be weird, but didn’t I see you recently in a write up in a magazine for something? I think it was Fitness?”

I couldn’t believe it…I was spotted! The girl was super sweet, and continued to tell me how she was sure that, while reading it, that I was a customer of hers at the bank. She gave me a “congratulations” and “that’s so awesome,” and I thanked her for letting me know. I mean, how cool is that?!?

Shortly after I came down off of cloud 9 got home, I put together a quick and easy lunch.


A wrap made with buffalo chicken, romaine, tomatoes, lots of avocado, and honey mustard. It was soooo good.

On the side, I snacked on a white nectarine…one of my summertime favorites.


Once I was done with lunch and knew I wouldn’t need to use my hands for anything for a while, I made an attempt at doing my own French manicure. I had to scoot from my mom’s earlier, so she just let me borrow the polish.


I will now say that I honestly hope I do not need to use any sort of patience at all for the rest of the day because I think I used them all up during this manicure. French manicures are tough, especially when I have to paint with my left hand, but I was pretty happy with the results.


I suppose it was worth the extra hassle in exchange for not having to pay for one, right?


Now let’s just pray that I don’t bang my hands into anything for the next hour…because we all know that when you have wet nails, you’re bound to run into things with them you would never, ever have done otherwise). Winking smile

It’s just about time to head back out for Rachie’s rehearsal and officially kick start wedding weekend! Before I go, let’s check out the two lucky winners of the VBlast Vitamin Water Giveaway: Entry #’s 430 & 148


Congratulations Kathryn & Emily! Email me at sweettoothcourtney[@]gmail[.]com asap so we can get you set up with your goodies!

Hope everyone is ready for a fantastic weekend! Anyone have any good plans on their agenda?? Smile