Good To Be Home (+ Some Reebok Videos)

It feels so good to be back home!

By the way, I’m getting more and more addicted to Instagram, in case you haven’t noticed. Feel free to follow me (SweetToothCourt) – I’m still learning the ropes!

Once I got home last night, I spent a good couple hours catching up with Jay and cuddling with Code-man. My little sidekick has still be hanging around with me all morning too (after sleeping in a bit, of course).


I think he missed his mama. Winking smile


It also felt nice to be able to eat a good, home cooked bowl of oatmeal for breakfast today. I’ve really missed this stuff.


Today’s bowl was another batch of Peanut Butter & Banana French Toast Oatmeal, along with a few fresh blueberries.


Super delish.


In a little while, it’s gonna be time to get started on some big plans that I’ve got for today…


Oh yes, my friends. It’s time to start that garden. Wish me and my green black thumbs luck.

**FYI: I’ve had quite a few of you email and message me saying that whenever you go to the STSL homepage, you’re getting a post that was from either May 6th or 7th, and you’re not seeing my newer posts. If that’s the case, all you should have to do is clear your browser cache (aka, your history). A couple people said that this worked for them after they did that, but if you’re having trouble and that doesn’t work, please give me a heads up!**

ALSO – I know I still have lots to fill you in on with Reebok, and it’s coming…I promise. It may just take a day or two to get everything together since I’m still waiting to get a hold of a few more pics from the day. BUT, in the meantime, feel free to check out a couple fun videos!

This one is from Kelly, and showcases some of our awesome CrossFit workout. You’ll be able to see my pull up skillz plus a cheesy camera wave, too.

And this one is from Bex, which shows a little bit of our Cardio Dance class. You should be able to spot me in the back row dancin’ my face off. ;)

So much fun, right?!?

Alright, gotta jet…time to go play around in the dirt!