I Just Want My Car Back…

by Courtney on February 9, 2011


It is so much fun having a buddy to go to the gym with! Today’s BodyPump seemed so much better, just knowing that I had Mal to join me. I think she really enjoyed her first class, and I’m hoping she’ll come buddy up with me again…I have a bunch of guest passes. Do you […]


One Of Those Days…

by Courtney on December 21, 2010


Today was one of those days… To be honest, with being a teacher I pretty much expect this particular week to come with a few of those days. Does that sound awful of me? I promise, I’m not that much of a scrooge! Just remember back to when you were in elementary school at this […]


Trying Something New!

by Courtney on October 16, 2010


YAY for Date Night! Even though it was really just a night out to dinner, it just makes it seem so much more exciting to call it Date Night, don’t ya think? We were really having a difficult time deciding where we wanted to go (which is no surprise for us), but I wanted to […]


What I Got Is What I Want

by Courtney on October 1, 2010


It’s Friday Night! WOOO HOOOO! I’ve been BodyPumped… (which I’m definitely going to be feelin’ tomorrow – boy, have I missed it!) I’ve got my glass of vino… I’ve got some delicious sushi (a California Roll to be exact) that I picked up from another trip to The Fresh Market… YUMM! I’ve got my sweats […]