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WIAW: Huuuungry

by Courtney on March 20, 2013

So up until yesterday, I’d say that I went a good week or so where I felt like my hunger was actually somewhat back to what it used to be pre-pregnancy. Yesterday though? All I wanted to do was eat all day long…I was huuuuungry! I guess it worked out well though, since I actually […]


WIAW: Lots of Good Eats

by Courtney on February 13, 2013

Oh, I’ve got lots of food to share with you all today! My hunger has pretty much been through the roof these days. I’m lucky to get a meal to keep me satisfied for more than 2-3 hours before needing something else. Yesterday was definitely one of those days where I was eating allll day […]


Twenty Years From Now…

by Courtney on June 27, 2011


Alright, I have seriously reached my quota for weed pulling this season… I don’t know what has gotten into me. Maybe I’m subconsciously trying to earn some “Wifey Points,” seeing as how my contribution to the yard work up until yesterday has been pretty slim. Either way, I was so happy to see that Jay […]


Low Fat PB + Cutting Back On Veggies

by Courtney on June 23, 2011


I had every intention of staying out of trouble in the kitchen today. Honestly, I did. But then I came across a recipe this morning on FitSugar for Low Fat Peanut Butter Raisin Spread. Umm, hello loverrrrr. I whipped up half a batch of the recipe, using Sunflower Seed Butter in place of the peanut […]


A Love/Hate Relationship

by Courtney on June 22, 2011


It’s really no secret…I’m an indecisive person. Always have been. Always will be. Ask my parents or Jay…they’ll clue you right in to all of my annoying endearing antics. Mostly, the indecisiveness tends to rear its ugly face when it comes time to make myself food…specifically, lunch. I guess you could say I have sort […]


Let Me Take That Fruit Salsa

by Courtney on June 20, 2011


Yesterday when we went over to my parents’ house for dinner, not only did my mom send me home with a generous portion of leftover Strawberry Angel Pie, but she also sent me home with some fruit salsa. She had a work party at her house late last week, which left her with a bunch […]